Son of 9/11 Victim Slams Democrats for Politicizing the Tragedy

Son of 9/11 Victim Slams Democrats for Politicizing the Tragedy

Accuses senior Dems of using the terror attacks as ‘political theater’

During a memorial for the anniversary of 9/11, the son of a victim begged the Democrats to stop using the terror attacks as “political theater.”

Nicholas Haros, whose mother died in the September 11th, 2001, attack, accused senior Dems and the liberal media of politicizing the deaths of the victims.

Mr. Haros was one of the volunteers reading the names of victims at Ground Zero in Tuesday’s memorial.

During a moving speech dedicated to his late mom, Haros urged Democrats to “stop” using their deaths, adding that their sacrifices “are worth so much more.”


Political Theater

Mr. Haros appeared to go off-script at the end of his tribute.

After completing his list of names and paying tribute to his late mother, Haros blasted Democrats Rep. Nancy Pelosi, and Sen. Cory Booker and members of the mainstream media for using the 9/11 victims as “props.”

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Talking over the music that was meant to signal the end his speaking time, Haros continued, saying:

“And one more thing, if I may.” 

“This year, a representative of the House referred to our loss as just another incident.

“This year, a network commentator said the president’s performance in Helsinki was a traitorous act as was 9/11,” Haros asserted.

“And last week, a senator attacked a Supreme Court nominee and called him a racist for alleged comments after 9/11.”

“Stop. Stop,” he pleaded.

“Please stop using the bones and ashes of our loved ones as props in your political theater.

“Their lives, sacrifice,  and death are worth so much more.

“Let’s not trivialize them or us.

It hurts.”

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