Soros Funded Group Caught Inciting Violence With ‘Be Like Maxine’ T-Shirts

Soros Funded Group Caught Inciting Violence With ‘Be Like Maxine’ T-Shirts

Group actively promotes violence against Trump supporters and officials

The George Soros funded activist group “Color of Change” was caught launching a ‘hateful’ marketing campaign encouraging people to “Be Like Maxine” and promoting Rep. Maxine Waters who endorses violence against Trump supporters and officials.

The so-called activist group is now selling apparel promoting California Rep. Maxine Waters’ which read “Be Like Maxine” along with the marketing slogan, “Civility won’t save us.”

“If you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them! Tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere!” Waters said in June.

According to chicksonright: Since then, multiple Trump officials, GOP lawmakers and Trump supporters have been harassed or attacked.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi both criticized Waters and called for civility.

The group put out this video repeating that call and featuring several people including Black Lives Matter founders Patrice Cullors and Alicia Garza, as well as left-wing activists Shaun King and Linda Sarsour speaking against civility.

The video calls civility “unacceptable” and each person repeats, “Civility will not save us.” One person, author Iljeoma Oluo, even says that “to ask for civility is barbaric.”

In addition to promoting harassment, they’re also trying to make money off of it by selling the apparel and bags to the radical base.

According to the Washington Times, George Soros gave the Color of Change $500,000 dollars according to his tax returns in 2016. Open Secrets confirms he gave them donations of at least $400,000 in 2016.

Waters, who has recently had charges filed against her for assaulting a journalist, has claimed the weekend protest about President Donald Trump’s immigration policies proved “the people” want The Democrats to be more forceful and “more confrontational.”

The unhinged Democrat said:

“Well, let me just tell you this, first of all, the people of this country, no matter Republican or Democrat, do not like the idea that children have been separated. Republicans are making a mistake thinking they can hold on to that constituency, that so-called belongs to Donald Trump. On this issue, Republicans and Democrats, Independents alike are opposed to what is going on. And yes, people do want to see us being stronger and more forceful and to confront them on these policies.”

Water continued:

“And I’m hopeful that even Democrats had seen the kind of outpouring of protests over 700 incidences of protests this weekend, seeing that they will be more forceful, more confrontational and more prepared to push back on this administration. I think that the people are showing them, this-this is what they would have us do.”

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