Stephen King: Trump is the Dumbest Leader, He ‘Can’t Spell, Can’t Read’

Stephen King: Trump is the Dumbest Leader, He ‘Can’t Spell, Can’t Read’

Horror author unleashes unprovoked attack on president

Horror author Stephen King took to Twitter on Saturday to blast President Donald Trump, claiming he ranks as the “dumbest of world leaders” and is illiterate.

King falsely claimed Trump “can’t spell” and “can’t read” without any evidence.

The author then wrote:

“Hard to believe there was ever a world leader as dumb as Donald Trump.”

King recently stated he would vote for the candidate that the Democrats nominate for the president to get rid of “horror show” Trump.

But the author faced a backlash from the woke police in January when he dared to suggest artists should focus on quality more than diversity.

King’s tweet faced fire from prominent media figures who called his comments “backward and ignorant.”

In July last year, King expressed his contempt for Trump saying he hopes to fire the “vile, racist, and an incompetent bag of guts and waters” in 2020.

King joins the clique of Hollywood Anti Trumpers, taking to Twitter to slam the president.

“I think we all agree that Donald Trump is a vile, racist, and incompetent bag of guts and waters.”

“How happy I would be to tell him ‘YOU’RE FIRED’ next November,” King tweeted.

The author also called the entire White House staff “bad-tempered, arrogant, insensitive, and largely incompetent,” last May.

“What does that say about the boss?” he asked.

On Christmas Eve 2018, King called for Trump to be removed from office:

“Tell your legislators and friends who are Trump supporters that it’s time to put partisanship aside,” he tweeted.

“Trump is a train wreck, and the train he’s pulling is our country. He has to be removed from office.”

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