Steve Bannon Smuggled Into Oxford Union As Angry Liberals Protests Outside

Steve Bannon Smuggled Into Oxford Union As Angry Liberals Protests Outside

The strategist spoke at the Oxford Union as some 1,000 protesters clashed with police

Former Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon was smuggled into the Oxford Union talk by British police to avoid angry liberal protesters.

The strategist spoke at the Oxford Union as some 1,000 protesters clashed with police on the campus.

In Bannon’s talk, he compared the Soros funded Black Lives Matter to the KKK.

Police reportedly shut the gates for two hours prior to Bannon’s’ arrival, the Oxford Mail reports.

The union reportedly turned hundreds of people away from the talk as The Union’s press secretary claimed the hall was half empty

According to too the DM: While Bannon, 64, spoke inside the hallowed Oxford Union halls, protesters chanted: ‘The police protect the Nazis!’, ‘Say it loud, say it clear, Bannon is not welcome here!’.

The march became violent as around 1,000 outraged protesters gathered in the narrow streets surrounding the historic union building.

He used his talk to defend his efforts to spread a ‘nationalist populist movement’ across Europe and has spoken at many events around the Continent.

The former White House Chief Strategist has faced accusations of stirring up racial tensions.

Some see him as the Machiavellian mastermind behind President Trump’s highly controversial and successful Presidential campaigning.

Bannon told the union audience: ‘Nazis and the KKK have no place in our society, they should have never been allowed to march in Charlottesville.

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‘The same can be said about Antifa and Black Lives Matter – they shouldn’t be allowed to do what they are doing.’

He said of former NBC host: ‘I said I wanna unchain the dogs on Megyn Kelly and I’m proud of it – politics is war by other methods.’

He also defended the travel ban enacted by the Trump administration, saying: ‘I did the original travel ban, it made our citizens safer. Zero-tolerance at the border is a humanitarian policy.’

Bannon is touring Europe as he promotes a new Brussels-based pressure group called The Movement.

Michael, 20, a history student, said: ‘I really dislike this pattern in the union of people who are chosen to give a platform – because they had Alice Weidel from the AfD (Alternative for Germany) and Tommy Robinson.

‘It gives a platform and legitimizes the worst kind of political force.

‘I particularly object to how the YouTube channel broadcast this to a far bigger audience than at the Oxford Union.’

The Oxford Union is a debating society which dates back to 1823 with a long tradition of promoting freedom of speech, but some recent guests have infuriated students.

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Maritz, aged 26 years, an Austrian student studying politics in Oxford said: ‘I’m here to protest against the Student Union events being used for right-wing personalities.

I am Austrian and we already have a fascist government so it’s important to fight right-wing politics while we still can.’

Protesters hold signs denouncing fascism and racism, as Bannon tells the union, ‘Zero-tolerance at the border is a humanitarian policy.’

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