Students Offered $100 To Name Any Conservative That Censored A Campus Speaker

Students Offered $100 To Name Any Conservative That Censored A Campus Speaker

Cabot Phillips challenged students to name a conservative that censored a progressive

As the censorship of conservative speakers at college campuses becomes a pretty much standard practice, Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips challenged students to name a single time conservatives “shut down a liberal speaker on campus.

Phillips spoke with students at the University of Georgia and explained the way free speech can never be one-sided.

He even offered students $100 to name a single time a conservative shut down a progressive liberal speaker.

Obviously, none of the students got the $100.

According to the DW: After numerous pauses and searching expressions, none could provide an answer. However, two exchanges were illuminating.

No. 1

STUDENT: I don’t know. I think everybody kind of thinks because they lean conservative, they’re kind of closed-minded, so that they, you know, they’re just single issue.

PHILLIPS: Isn’t it closed-minded to shut them down then?

STUDENT: Oh yeah, yeah, completely.

No. 2

STUDENT: I just think people are a bit more open on the liberal side.

PHILLIPS: If it’s about being open-minded, and one side being more open-minded, wouldn’t you say it’s the conservative side that’s more open-minded if they’re not rioting and trying to shut down events from liberal speakers?

STUDENT: Um, yeah. I mean, I think it’s both sides.

Later in the video, two students attempt to push back, arguing that progressive views are “more palatable” and “less hate-fueled.”

Another student claimed that Phillips’ argument was a “red herring,” then backtracked, then couldn’t articulate why he disagreed with Phillips.

The silencing of conservative voices

Just recently DePaul University blacklisted Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens from speaking on the university’s campus, denying conservative students the same experiences afforded to their liberal counterparts.

Kirk and Owens were scheduled to speak at DePaul University on October 16, 2018, as part of Turning Point USA’s (TPUSA) 12-stop Campus Clash tour, which kicked off Wednesday at the University of Colorado-Boulder.

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