Students Walk Out of Shooting Vigil as Dems Hijack it with ‘Gun Control’ Agenda

Students Walk Out of Shooting Vigil as Dems Hijack it with ‘Gun Control’ Agenda

Students in Colorado storm out of a school shooting vigil as Democrats take over – WATCH

Students in Colorado stormed out of a Wednesday night vigil for the victims of this week’s school shooting at STEM School Highlands Ranch after the event was hijacked by Democrats pushing their “gun control” agenda, according to reports.

Two Democratic politicians took over the stage to push anti-gun rhetoric, local news reports.

Colorado Democrats Rep. Jason Crow and Sen. Michael Bennet, who is running for president, were accused of politicizing the tragedy for their own means.

“STEM School students walked out of a vigil tonight after @RepJasonCrow & @SenatorBennet spoke,” tweeted 9NEWS in Denver anchor Kyle Clark.

“Students said their grief was being politicized. They later returned, took the mic, and some said they didn’t want to be used to promote gun control.”

According to Fox News, about 2,000 people packed a high school gym Wednesday night to remember 18-year-old Kendrick Castillo, who was shot and killed trying to tackle one of the shooters at STEM School Highlands Ranch on Tuesday.

Authorities have credited Castillo and two classmates with stopping the attack. Eight others were injured in the shooting.

According to the Denver Post, some of the students who walked out of the vigil on Wednesday night were chanting “mental health.”

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, which helped to organize the vigil, later released a statement apologizing to the offended students.

“We are deeply sorry any part of this vigil did not provide the support, caring and sense of community we sought to foster and facilitate and which we know is so crucial to communities who suffer the trauma of gun violence,” the group said.

A teenager died in a shooting at a Colorado high school – days before his graduation – while charging one of the attackers, his classmates say.

Eighteen-year-old Kendrick Castillo was the only fatality in Tuesday’s assault allegedly by two students near Denver.

Eight other pupils were injured before the assailants were arrested.

Classmate Nui Giasolli told US media she was in her British literature class when one of the suspects turned up late and pulled out a gun.

Kendrick lunged at the gunman, “giving us all enough time to get underneath our desks to get ourselves safe, to run across the room to escape,” she said.

John Castillo, Kendrick’s father, described him as “the best kid in the world,” in an interview with the Denver Post.

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