Suicide Bombers Storm Chinese Consulate With Vehicle Filled With Explosives

Suicide Bombers Storm Chinese Consulate With Vehicle Filled With Explosives

The three assailants where killed before they could gain entry with their vehicle

A group of suicide bombers stormed the Chinese consulate in the Pakistani city of Karachi as a string of gunshots and an explosion engulfed the area on Friday.

The three assailants where killed before they could gain entry with their vehicle packed with explosives, according to police.

Four people where killed, including to police officers in the southwestern Pakistani province of Baluchistan.

Another suicide bomber on a motorbike set off explosives at festival crowded with people in northwest Pakistan’s Orakzai region, killing 25 people at about the same time as the Karachi bloodshed.

Security forces outside the consulate shot back, eyewitnesses maintain.

A senior doctor at Karachi’s Jinnah Hospital Seemin Jamali said: “We have two cops brought dead and a security guard injured due to blast impact.”

Police officials indicated the attackers fired weapons close to the consulate before throwing a hand grenade.

One senior police officer said: “Two attackers have entered the visa section of the consulate.”

A Pakistani insurgent group the Balochistan Liberation Army has declared it was responsible for the attack.

China is Pakistan’s closest ally and has spent billions on infrastructure projects as part of its enormous Belt and Road Initiative to link up the country with other nations.

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said all 21 consulate staff were safe and had been moved to a secret location.

Terror attack Chinese consulate Karachi Pakistan

“The attackers couldn’t hurt any of them, nor could they take any of them, hostage,” Qureshi said.

Pakistani Prime Minister and former cricketer Imran Khan has ordered an inquiry into the attack and said it wouldn’t damage relations between his country and China.

His office said in a statement: “The Prime Minister has ordered a complete inquiry into the incident and has desired that elements behind this incident must be unearthed.

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“Such incidents will never be able to undermine the Pakistan-China relationship.”

President Donald Trump said the United States was “in very strong” peace negotiations in Afghanistan, but he did n’t whether they would be successful.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said the attack was “part of a conspiracy” against Pakistani and Chinese economic and strategic cooperation, before ordering an official inquiry.

“The perpetrators of this heinous attack should be brought to justice expeditiously,” India’s foreign ministry said in a statement.

City police chief Amir Shaikh stated the three attackers arrived in a car loaded with explosives but failed to get inside the massively fortified compound. It was not clear if the car had exploded.

“They tried to get inside, but the Rangers and police killed one of the terrorists,” Shaikh said.

A gun battle broke out with the two other attackers trying to enter the visa section, but they were also killed, he said.

“China is exploiting our resources,” spokesman Jiand Baloch told Reuters by telephone.

Last month, Neon Nettle reported that the Chinese Government rounded-up an estimated 1 million Muslim people and sent them to “concentration camps” in China’s western Xinjiang region, according to reports.

Human rights campaigners report that, so far, 1,000,000 Muslims have to sent to prison camps for “re-education” with detainees being forced into the centers to try to bring them into line with the Communist Party’s way of thinking.

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