Syria: Israeli Weapons, Equipment, and Foodstuff Found in ‘Al-Qaeda’ Hideout

Syria: Israeli Weapons, Equipment, and Foodstuff Found in ‘Al-Qaeda’ Hideout

Key Al-Qaeda position in town of al-Tayheh filled with military systems, guns from Israel

The Syrian army has raided an Al-Qaeda hideout in the town of al-Tayheh and discovered a stash of weapons, military systems, equipment, and foodstuff that all originated from Israel.

Troops took the key position in Syria and seized communication systems and other goods produced by Israel at “Al-Qaeda” bases in the recently liberated Northern Dara’a.

Syrian forces reported on Thursday that Israeli-made stash was discovered in the camp supposedly occupied by Al-Qaeda.

Israel has no official military presence in the area, according to Syrian Government officials.

AWD reports: Meanwhile, the Al-Qaeda terrorists in Dara’a al-Balad surrendered 5 military vehicles, including 3 tanks, 4 heavy artilleries, 3 mortar-launchers, a large number of machine-guns, weapons and ammunition to the Syrian army under the surrender agreement between the two sides.

In a relevant development on Tuesday, the Syrian army soldiers continued their mop-up operation in Southern Hama, discovering a large arms and ammunition depot of terrorists, including Israeli weapons.

The army found a large depot of terrorists’ arms and ammunition in the township of Aqrab in Southern Hama.

A field source reported that a large volume of Israeli mortar shells, missiles, machine guns, sniper rifles, communication devices and bombs were in the depot.

In the meantime, other units of the army discovered a large volume of weapons and munitions in the terrorists’ hideouts in the villages of Talaf and Khirbet al-Jameh in Southern Hama.

According to Syria’s state-run SANA news, in October last year, troops found a variety of arms, ammunition and telecommunication devices, including “an Israeli-made artillery piece, 800 mortar shells, a machine gun with 10,000 bullets, in addition, an amount of bullets of 17 mm., 14,5 mm. and 30 mm. machine-guns and an RPG [rocket-propelled grenade], three RPG launchers and a number of telecommunication devices.”

It would not mark the first time that Syrian media reported on regime troops finding weapons with Hebrew markings on them.

In June 2017, Syrian media reported that regime troops in the al-Waer neighborhood in Homs captured dozens of antitank missiles along with tons of ammunition and explosives, some with inscriptions in Hebrew.

In April 2016 Syrian media reported that troops in the southeastern governorate of Al-Suwayda seized Israeli-made weapons that were supposedly destined for Islamic State.

According to the reports, a vehicle coming from Daraa was confiscated carrying Israeli-made mines with Hebrew writing on them, as well as mortars, RPGs and hand grenades.

It was not immediately clear how the Israeli weapons got there.

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