Ted Cruz: ‘Biden’s Capacity Is Severely Diminished’

Ted Cruz: ‘Biden’s Capacity Is Severely Diminished’

White House handlers keep him locked up in a basement all day long

As the border crisis rages on following the disastrous pullout of troops from Afghanistan, questions have been raised about who is really controlling Joe Biden.

It’s also worth noting that Biden regularly gets cut off the White House live feed when he veers off script, and even once joke he wouldget in trouble for taking questions from reporters.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) asked the same questions, telling Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures:

“Well, I would say it’s a disturbing pattern, where it seems they cut off his microphone any time he might say something that his handlers don’t want.”

“There’s no doubt that President Biden’s capacity is severely diminished.

“And his White House handlers amplify that impression when they keep him locked up in a basement all day long.”

“Whether it is Biden himself, or the political operatives around him, every decision about Afghanistan and, sadly, about just about every foreign policy and domestic policy issue that’s come before this White House has been decided as a matter of pure politics,” Cruz said.

“When it comes to Afghanistan, Joe Biden and his administration have presided over the worst foreign policy catastrophe in a generation,” he added.

“They put politics in front of everything else.

“They abandoned Americans behind enemy lines, and it was a disaster.”

“We were routed there because Joe Biden surrendered.

“He surrendered the Bagram airfield to the Taliban.

“He fled and left hundreds, if not thousands of Americans in harm’s way.”

“And we’re going to be paying the price; our nation is going to pay the price for the president’s weakness and incompetence for years to come.”

Cruz also warned that China’s invasion of Taiwan might result from Biden’s show of weak leadership:

“We talked a minute ago about the consequences of Afghanistan, of the disaster, of the failure of Biden’s weakness,” Cruz said:

“Every enemy across the globe saw that weakness, and they took the measure of the man. Xi in China is watching what — how America behaves, and they’re taking the measure of the man in the Oval Office.”

“And, unfortunately, I believe the chances of a Chinese amphibious assault on Taiwan have increased tenfold in the last month, because, as Xi has looked at Biden, I fear that Xi has made the determination that Biden is too weak and too unable to do anything that this is now a ripe opportunity for China to move militarily on Taiwan.”

“If that happens, it would be utterly disastrous. But weakness invites aggression. The way you protect Taiwan — and I think we should absolutely protect Taiwan — is, you protect it through strength.

“You didn’t see China moving on Taiwan when President Trump was in the White House.

“Because they knew they had a president who would stand up to them.”

“When you have a president who rolls over for everything, it only invites the bad guys to do worse and worse things.”

Cruz was then asked if the Biden administration is “trying to change the conversation” by focusing on his domestic welfare agenda.

“But you put your finger on what the White House is trying to do,” Cruz said.

“They want to change the topic from Afghanistan.”

“It’s why Biden issued this completely illegal and unconstitutional vaccine mandate because he wanted to change the topic from the disaster in Afghanistan.”

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