The Vatican Knew Of Abusive Cardinal In Early 2000s, Letter Reveals

The Vatican Knew Of Abusive Cardinal In Early 2000s, Letter Reveals

Vatican officials were fully aware of if Cardinal McCarrick’s illicit behaviour

More emerging evidence that the Vatican and high-ranking Bishops actively covered for the or disgraced D.C. Cardinal Theodore McCarrick has surfaced in a letter from 2006.

The Catholic News Service released a letter from 2006, which was addressed to a New York priest, confirming Vatican officials were fully aware of if Cardinal McCarrick‘s illicit relations with seminarians.

In 2000, Father Boniface Ramsey blew the whistle on McCarrick, when he wrote a letter to Archbishop Gabriel Montalvo, the then-Nuncio from the Vatican to the United States, detailing the many complaints about McCarrick’s behavior during their time at Immaculate Conception Seminary in New Jersey.

The letter was ignored for 6 years before Father Ramsey received a response letter from the Vatican substitute for general affairs, Archbishop Sandri, who requested information on a New Jersey priest who had studied at Immaculate Conception Seminary and was being vetted for a post in a Vatican office. 

“I ask with particular reference to the serious matters involving some of the students of the Immaculate Conception Seminary, which in November 2000 you were good enough to bring confidentially to the attention of the then Apostolic Nuncio in the United States, the late Archbishop Gabriel Montalvo,” the letter from Archbishop Sandri stated.

According to the DW: Regarding the original 2000 letter, Father Ramsey told CNS, “I complained about McCarrick’s relationships with seminarians and the whole business with sleeping with seminarians and all of that; the whole business that everyone knows about.

My letter November 22, 2000, was about McCarrick and it wasn’t accusing seminarians of anything; it was accusing McCarrick.”

Father Ramsey never received a formal response to his 2000 letter; it was not until the 2006 letter from Archbishop Sandri that he knew the Vatican had indeed received his testimony about McCarrick.

As noted by Catholic News Service, the 2006 letter further supports claims made by Archbishop Viganò, who said in an 11-page letter that the Vatican knew about McCarrick as early as 2000, when Pope John Paul II was in power.

Pope Benedict XVI ascended to the papacy in 2005 and allegedly placed private sanctions on McCarrick that were then overturned by Pope Francis in 2013, according to Viganò’s account.

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