Tom Arnold Claims Conservative Christians Hang Women So ‘They Know Their Place’

Tom Arnold Claims Conservative Christians Hang Women So ‘They Know Their Place’

Unhinged liberal actor make another bizarre public statement

For most people, it’s difficult to recall any of Tom Arnold’s acting roles, so most people just see him as the ex-husband of TV star Rosanne Barr.

With his failed acting career and celebrity marriage now just a distant memory, liberal “actor” Tom Arnold now uses Trump-bashing to keep himself in the spotlight.

He has been making headlines too, though not for heroic acts of liberalism, however, more due to the embarrassing nature of his unhinged outbursts.

In his latest rant, Arnold has claimed that American conservative Christians “hang their women” to “put them in their place.”

Western Journal reports

So, as you might have heard, Arnold’s new job (such as it is) involves being a kind of a freelance left-wing pundit. 

He’s going to have a new show on some high-numbered cable channel called “The Hunt for the Trump Tapes.” (I suggested some riff on “The Best Damn Sports Show Period,” in which I substituted another word that began with S for “Sports,” but corporate didn’t go for it.)

In that capacity, Arnold has intimated that he got Michael Cohen to help him take down Trump (Cohen, turncoat though he may be, had the good sense to demur on this account) and has vowed to harass Barron and Melania Trump because, uh, why not?

Anyway, so far so crazy.

But to be a real anti-Trumper these days, you also have to have opinions about the right-wing in general.

And now, thanks to a Twitter rant in which he said Republicans want to lynch women, he’s checked that box off too.

Before we begin let me warn you that there’s a bit of foul language here.

It’s not work safe.

I mean, nothing involving Tom Arnold should probably be work safe; if anyone who worked for me was caught looking at anything involving Tom Arnold, I’d probably demand an explanation.

But this is particularly not work safe.

WARNING: The following tweets contains vulgar language that some viewers may find offensive

The whole thing began when everyone’s favorite Daily Wire-employed preppie, Michael Knowles, responded to one of those omnipresent, facile arguments that overturning Roe v. Wade would lead to scores of women dying in back-alley abortions.

Tom Arnold, noted con law expert and bioethics pundit, decided to weigh in on this. Some of his words even had multiple syllables, too!

“You have no idea how many women died because they were denied access to legal abortions.” Yeah, and Tom Arnold doesn’t either, because that would require reading. As in like, not actually reading a book, just reading the tweet he was responding to. Also, the anti-Catholic bias really helps his point here. When in doubt, always go with bigotry.

One user pointed out that no matter when you believe life begins, many states allow abortion long after the fetus is viable.

And comment Tom Arnold will probably be regretting for a long time to come now in 3… 2… 1…

Yes, they’re weak, scared men, clearly unlike men who have to accuse their opponents of being “fake a– conservative christians whose real goal is to put women in their places by hanging a few.”

Oh, by the way, try saying that about Islam, Tom.

Extremists from that religion actually do kill women to put them in their places — but I wouldn’t suggest mentioning that very salient fact.

As for Christians, please name me where this has happened since Salem, Mr. Arnold. And no, “The Handmaid’s Tale” is not a documentary.

Look, I’m not standing up for anything Roseanne Barr did. (In fact, you can read my rather angry opinion about the former ABC sitcom star, which generated more reader invective than almost anything else I’ve written.)

All I’m saying is that she doesn’t have a TV show and this guy does.

Tom Arnold literally says conservative Christians want to lynch women.

Do a quick Google search on this guy.

See how many news stories there are about this tweet.

If you can find five I would be shocked.

Yet, this guy is trying to scare women into fearing Christians with the bigotry of the most unctuous sort.

Tom Arnold is clearly a man who has left too many brain cells behind during his nearly 60 years on this earth, which probably isn’t a good thing if you’re reinventing yourself as a political pundit (a career which, unless your name is Michelle Wolf, requires critical thinking).

Forget about the hunt for the Trump tapes, Tom.

Maybe it would be a good time to hunt for an inpatient clinic.

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