Tommy Robinson Freed After Winning Court Appeal

Tommy Robinson Freed After Winning Court Appeal

Judges in London quashed the finding and original 13-month sentence

Tommy Robinson has been freed on bail by the Court of Appeal after winning a challenge against a contempt of court conviction.

The Lord Chief Justice Lord Burnett and two other judges in London quashed the finding and original 13-month sentence, made in May, at Leeds Crown Court.

He ordered a fresh hearing of the allegation and announced:

“The appellant is granted bail and the matter of contempt at Leeds Crown Court is remitted to be heard again.”

Supporters in the packed courtroom broke into a round of applause as the decision was announced.

The judge ordered that there should be “silence” as he carried on reading a summary of the reasons for Wednesday’s ruling.

Mr. Robinson was not present for the hearing and is expected to be released from prison later.

Around 25 of his supporters were gathered outside the Royal Courts of Justice by the time the ruling was made.

A similar number of people staged a “Stand up to racism” protest.

Robinson was arrested in May for allegedly “breaching the peace” after he reported live outside a British court.

The former EDL leader turned citizen journalist for Tommy Robinson Online and previously Rebel Media was in Leeds reporting on a grooming trial.

Robinson said:

“I’m outside Leeds Crown Court where verdicts are due in part 2 of the grooming/rape trial involving 29 defendants from Huddersfield – 8 of which are called Mohammed”

During a live stream on his Facebook page, Robinson was arrested by West Yorkshire Police for allegedly “breaching the peace.”

In response to his release, an official statement on his Facebook page says:

“We have just been informed that the judge upheld the appeal and quashed the conviction from Leeds crown court due to the number of criminal procedure rules that were bypassed and broken.

“He has released Tommy on bail and said in the interest of Justice Tommy needs to attend a new court hearing which will be conducted without breaking the laws.

“Good news that they have agreed that the original trial was, in fact, a kangaroo court and prejudiced against Tommy.

“Bad news is that they should have just released him not make him endure another trial (even if this one will supposedly be lawful).”

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