Tommy Robinson Moved to New Prison for ‘Death Sentence’ Insiders Say

Tommy Robinson Moved to New Prison for ‘Death Sentence’ Insiders Say

Fears are now growing that he will be made an example out of in the new prison

Activist and journalist Tommy Robinson who was jailed last month for an alleged a “breach of the peace” whiles live-streaming a trial involving a Muslim rape gang outside Leeds Crown Court, has been sent to a new prison which will be a ‘deaths sentence’ according to an insider.

Robinson was sentenced to 13 months in prison for interfering with court proceedings.

Insiders say transfer to Onley means “certain death.”

Robinson’s manager Caolan Robertson said a large majority of the prison population of Onley is Muslim.

ISnews reports: Various prison population estimates range from 1 in 5 to a full 71% Muslim majority

He added that Robinson had been subjected to Muslim prisoners banging on cell walls and threatening to kill him since he arrived at the jail.

He is now being held on the main wing of the jail among the general population which is “full of people who don’t like him,” according to Robertson. Robinson’s family confirmed he had received many death threats.

According to the family, he slept in a cell without heating, containing only a thin mattress. Relatives explain that Robinson’s transfer to the new prison was meant to undermine efforts to appeal his sentence.

The family also believes that the British legal system is deliberately trying to put Robinson’s life in danger.

Infowars reports a fatwa was issued against Robinson by an imam within 24 hours of his being transferred to the new prison.

At a rally held in London on Saturday in support of Robinson, a crowd of more than 20,000 participated.

The British press hardly covered the demonstration. The next demonstration for Robinson is scheduled for another month.

In 2016, a man who was jailed for leaving bacon outside of a mosque in Bristol was found dead in jail halfway through his prison sentence, says Infowars. An investigation later claimed the man died of a drugs overdose.

“He’s a much higher target now,” Robertson told Infowars, adding that this was the “most devastating news possible” because lawyers had been confident of securing Robinson’s early release.

Former Breitbart London editor Raheem Kassam confirmed the news, tweeting, “Tommy’s human rights are being violated as he was moved to a new UK prison last night, without warning or reason.

He is now in a very heavily Muslim populated prison in the Midlands in England.”

He also said that the decision to move Robinson came directly from the UK Home Office.

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