Trump-Bashing Puerto Rico Mayor Raided by FBI Over Corruption Allegations

Trump-Bashing Puerto Rico Mayor Raided by FBI Over Corruption Allegations

Feds raid offices of San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz for evidence in corruption case

FBI agents raided the offices of San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz on Tuesday, looking for evidence of corruption within the city’s government by the Trump-bashing official.

A series of raids on government offices in San Juan, Puerto Rico were carried out by federal investigators, including offices under the direct control of Mayor Cruz.

Cruz was catapulted into the limelight last year when she seized the opportunity to regularly appear on national TV in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

The outspoken major grabbed headlines by wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the slogan “Nasty Woman” during one interview to “protest Trump,” who she blamed for failing to address the situation in Puerto Rico.

Yulín Cruz was accused by other officials of using the disaster, sprinkled with a little Trump-bashing, as a springboard to further her own political ambitions, however.

In September, Puerto Rico Secretary of State Luis Rivera Marin called out Yulin Cruz on Fox News as being one of Puerto Rico’s politicians who has “politicized” the natural disaster.

A June report from a local Puerto Rican news outlet — provided to The Daily Wire after it was translated into English — highlighted Yulin Cruz’s absence from Puerto Rico as she politicked in the United States.

“So far this year, the mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto, has been out of Puerto Rico for 52 days, tending to activities with different organizations and delegating the functions of her job that she was recently reelected to, to former vice-mayor of the capital, Rafael Jaume,” NotiCel reported.

“Subsequently, there have been 11 executive orders issued by Cruz Soto to designate Jaume as interim mayor while she is outside Puerto Rico.”

According to the Daily Wire, Yulín Cruz has been making the rounds on late night television on the mainland recently, appearing on Stephen Colbert’s show to discuss (and condemn) the Trump administration’s hurricane response.

But, as administration officials — including President Donald Trump — have pointed out, many of the problems rescuers faced were the result of local failures, including a lack of infrastructure, government favoritism, and rampant corruption.

Cruz and others are alleged to have hampered, and occasionally blocked, the distribution of much-needed supplies to Puerto Ricans without food, water, medicine, or electricity.

And now, it seems, the FBI is trying to get to the bottom of exactly what’s going on in San Juan.

NBC News reports that “FBI agents were seen raiding an office on the 15th and 14th floor of Torre Municipal de San Juan, according to authorities.

“The operation was related to suspected corruption in the purchasing department.”

“We are seeking documents and evidence that support this allegation,” an FBI spokesman told reporters, according to NBC.

“This search will help us confirm if allegations are true or not. We will look through every document, bill, email … anything that will let us clarify the claims.”

Cruz commented on the raid on Twitter, pledging her “total collaboration” with the FBI’s investigation:

“If someone has done something wrong, they should be subjected to due process and face the consequences of their actions.”

That might include Yulín Cruz. 

Fox News reports that the FBI’s investigation centers around whether Cruz and allies in the San Juan city government handed city business — and city money — to preferred companies, many of whom allegedly charged the city thousands more than other suppliers.

Cruz’s former director of procurement, Yadira Molina, apparently blew the whistle on her own offices — and her boss, Mayor Cruz — last February reporting “alleged irregular acts” to a local comptroller.

Molina told officials that “a supply company was granted ‘preferred supplier’ status which paid them more than three times what regular suppliers made,” and that Cruz may have been responsible for inking the deal.

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