Trump Calls on FISA Judge to Investigate Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein

Trump Calls on FISA Judge to Investigate Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein

President demands investigation into criminal activity by FBI and DoJ officials

President Trump has lashed out at the suspected criminal activity in the upper echelons of law enforcement, demanding a full investigation into criminal activity.

The president was responding to comments by Fox News’s legal expert Gregg Jarrett, who declared on Wednesday’s Hannity show that fraud has been committed by leading FBI and Department of Justice officials.

Jarratt stated that the judge presiding over the FISA case should investigate the DoJ and FBI operatives behind the spy warrants that targetted the Trump campaign and the Trump Administration and pursue criminal charges.

And Donald Trump agrees.

Trump took to Twitter and quoted Jarrett’s comments, in full support of his legal perspective, tweeting:

“Ohr told the FBI it (the Fake Dossier) wasn’t true, it was a lie and the FBI was determined to use it anyway to damage Trump and to perpetrate a fraud on the court to spy on the Trump campaign.

“This is a fraud on the court. The Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court is in charge of the FISA court.

“He should direct the Presiding Judge, Rosemary Collier, to hold a hearing, haul all of these people from the DOJ & FBI in there, & if she finds there were crimes committed, and there were, there should be a criminal referral by her….” @GreggJarrett

Trump’s response follows news of Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr‘s closed-door testimony, in which he has exposed an even deeper cesspit of corruption at the FBI.

Testifying before House investigators Tuesday, Ohr revealed new details about the FBI’s tactics for gathering information, both during and prior to its surveillance of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016.

As the DoJ’s Director of Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces, Ohr has emerged as a central figure in the ongoing “Spygate” scandal.

An FBI-led conspiracy to surveil then-candidate Donald Trump’s campaign has now been exposed in an unprecedented effort to undermine the Republican’s White House bid.

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