Trump: Democrats Should Look Into the Vatican if They Think Walls are ‘Immoral’

Trump: Democrats Should Look Into the Vatican if They Think Walls are ‘Immoral’

President says Dems ‘better do something about the Vatican’

US President Donald Trump has blasted Democrats over suggestions that his proposed border wall is “immoral,” saying they “better do something about the Vatican.”

Speaking to reporters from the White House, the president criticized congressional Dems for obstructing funding required to build a wall along the United States Southern Border.

Trump specifically targetted the Democratic talking point that a wall along the border is immoral.”

President Trump highlighted the wall that surrounds the city-state, and headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church, Vatican City in Italy, noting it “has the biggest wall of them all.”


“This is all to tell Chuck and Nancy and some others from ICE and from border patrol, and also from some local law enforcement, how bad it is — how dangerous it is — and why we need a wall,” Trump said.

“Look, when they say the wall is ‘immoral,’ then you better do something about the Vatican.

“The Vatican has the biggest wall of them all.”

“The wall is immoral?” Trump continued.

“Look at all of the countries that have walls.

“They work 100 percent. Never going to change. A wall is a wall.”

Trump then criticized the suggestion that drone surveillance could substitute a wall along the border.

“We could have all the drones flying over the people last night as they tried to rush.

“The only thing that stopped them was the wall,” Trump pointed out.

“If we had drones up there, it’s wonderful. We’ll get nice pictures.”

When Trump was asked how long he is prepared to keep the government down for, the president said, “As long as it takes. I’m prepared.”

Trump also hit Senator-elect Mitt Romney for not being a “team player” upon his arrival in Washington and mused that outgoing Arizona Sen. Jef Flake may get work for CNN.

“So Jeff Flake is now selling real estate, or whatever he’s doing,” Trump said.

“He’ll probably go to work for CNN. That’s my prediction.”

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