Trump Destroys Big Pharma Giant As Company Set to Lose Millions

Trump Destroys Big Pharma Giant As Company Set to Lose Millions

Trump confirmed his meeting with Pfizer CEO on the current crippling price hikes

US President Donald Trump has announced Big Pharma drugmaker Pfizer has been forced to slash their price hikes in another devastating blow to the oppressive pharmaceutical industry. 

Trump confirmed his meeting with Pfizer CEO on the current crippling price hikes:

“Just talked with Pfizer CEO and @SecAzar [US Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar] on our drug pricing blueprint. Pfizer is rolling back price hikes, so American patients don’t pay more. We applaud Pfizer for this decision and hope other companies do the same. Great news for the American people!” Trump said in a Twitter post on Tuesday.

According to SputnikNews: Earlier, Pfizer increased retail prices on 91 drugs at an average 20 percent in the first half of 2017, according to Financial Times reported.

Not only Pfizer, but other big market players, such as Johnson & Johnson, Bayer and Merck, have similarly ratcheted up their fees.

Meanwhile, Pfizer CEO Ian Read got a 61-percent 2017 pay raise amid the pharmaceutical giant’s prices hike, Bloomberg reported.

Not the first big blow for Big Pharma

Following the historic move by Canada last month to legalize marijuana for recreational use, the pressure is now mounting for the United States to follow suit.

Currently, marijuana is legal for medical use in just a handful of US States

But what is holding the US back from legalizing pot for medicinal use, even if it’s not yet prepared to fully embrace it for recreation?

Answer: Money, greed, power, control etc… Or to put it simply; Big Pharma.

The pharmaceuticals industry is one of the largest and most profitable in the world.

The legalization of an unpatentable natural product onto the market would literally cost the drug companies billions of dollars of losses.

Big Pharma profiting from the opioid crisis is coming to an end

Big Pharma has already made huge profits from the US opioid epidemic in 2017, which saw patients switch from heroin to their own pills, but now pharmaceutical companies are making profits from heroin addicts in ‘needle exchange programs.

‘The massive amount of people dying from pharma’s prescription narcotics exploded in 2017, but this year medical companies will be able to make profits from what created the crisis in the first place, heroin.

Attorney Peter Mougey explained in an interview with RT:

“The migration from the prescription opioids to heroin is integral to this whole problem. At the end of the day, you are 80 times more likely if you are on heroin to have abused prescription opioids. It’s common sense. No one starts by wrapping a tourniquet around his arm and putting a needle into it,”

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