Trump Joins 700 Pastors To Pray Amid Coronavirus

Trump Joins 700 Pastors To Pray Amid Coronavirus

President joins Mike Pence on conference call to pray

As President Donald Trump continues to spend his time flat out making decisions amid the global coronavirus crisis, he still managed to find time to join Vice President Mike Pence to pray on a conference call with 700 pastors.

The conference call was arranged by Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council.

Pence stated:

“When I told the president I was going to be speaking to all of you, [he was] in the midst of an extraordinarily busy day. [But] he looked at me and said, ‘I have to find time. I need to find time.’”

“The prayers of the people on this call mean [everything] to him…,” Pence added.

Perkins said Trump began by saying that the coronavirus “came upon us so suddenly. And we were doing better than we’ve ever done before as a country in terms of the economy — and then, all of the sudden, we got hit with this. So we had to close it down. We’re actually paying a big price to close it down. Never happened before.”

But Trump remained optimistic.

“I think we’re going to come back stronger than ever before,” he said.

Trump told the pastors:

“I want to thank you for praying for our country and for those who are sick. You do such an incredible job. You’re very inspirational people. And I’m with you all the way,” he said.

“You know that you see what we’ve done for right to life and all of the things that we’ve been working so hard together,” the President added.

“I’ve been working with many of the people on the call. Many, many of the people. We’ve had tremendous support. But we are going to get over this.”

When Trump was asked by Perkins what Americans should pray for, Trump responded:

“The health of the country; the strength of our country. We were doing something amazing, and then one day, it just ended.”

“So that would be it,” he added.

After Perkins finished praying for the president, Trump said:

“You know, you mentioned the word ‘stamina.’ We do need stamina. So thank you very much.”

After Trump left the call, Pence stated:

“The president and I couldn’t be more inspired by the way communities of faith have been stepping up … You know, the president has said many times that we are going to we’re going to bring the full resources of our of our federal government to bear on this.”

“But by all of you being here today, and by the energies and ministries that you have [used to response] to the coronavirus in your communities, you’re really putting hands and feet on your faith,” Pence added.

“And you are demonstrating what the president today called ‘the greatness of American character’ …And we want to urge you on. We want a full partnership with you in sharing best practices again.”

Trump has frequently touted the power of prayer in the past.

Last May, Trump stated that prayer is the most powerful thing people can do.

Trump also vowed that the United States would be the country to hold the practice of prayer in high esteem.

“America will be a nation that believes forever, and we certainly believe – more than anyone – the power of prayer,” Trump said at the dinner, LifeSiteNews reported.

Earlier this month, the President declared an official National Day of Prayer as America, and the world continues to fight against the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

The National Day of Prayer took place on Sunday, March 15.

“We are a country that, throughout our history, has looked to God for protection and strength in times like these,” Trump wrote on Twitter after making the official declaration.

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