Trump Jr. Urges Georgians to Fight for the Senate: ‘Do Not Squander This Opportunity’

Trump Jr. Urges Georgians to Fight for the Senate: ‘Do Not Squander This Opportunity’

‘I promise you, you will regret it’

Donald Trump Jr. urged Georgians to protect the Republican Senate majority and preserve the president’s accomplishments by voting for Sens. David Perdue (R-GA) and Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) in the Senate runoff election in January.

During a rally on Saturday in Ringgold, Georgia, Trump Jr. spoke to a large crowd gathered at the Colonnade Center in Catoosa County, urging them to vote early, call friends to vote, and speak to fellow constituents about the stakes of the election.

“Do not squander this opportunity,” Trump Jr. said.

“Because I promise you, you will regret it.”

“You will wake up one day in January and say, ‘Crap. Should’ve done a little bit more.’”

“Whatever you would do to reverse that feeling then, do it now.”

Perdue and Loeffler are facing Democrats Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock in a Senate runoff in January.

At least one of the two Republican candidates must win for the GOP to retain its Senate majority.

“There’s way too much at stake, guys, for ourselves, for our families, for our freedoms, you know, all those things the left doesn’t really believe in,” Trump Jr. said.

“I still do. That’s why I’m doing this.”

Trump’s eldest son urged the crowd to “continue fighting” for his father.


“This isn’t just the Senate, but it’s also my father’s legacy and his accomplishments,” he said.

“All of those things that they’ll try to take away, all of the freedoms that he fought for.”

Perdue and Trump campaign senior adviser Kimberly Guilfoyle also joined Trump Jr. at the rally.

Trump Jr. ripped into New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) as a model reason to vote Republican.

“You have guys like Bill de Blasio … that destroyed New York City, by the way, minor details,” Trump Jr. said.

“He’s saying that New York City’s future depends on this Senate race in Georgia because he knows that if the leftists win, guess what?

“You will have the privilege of paying for New York’s incompetence.”

He added:

“You notice how those leftist governors— Man, they love taking your freedoms. Not so quick to want to give them back.”

He also suggested communist China favors a Democrat-run U.S. government.

“Why does China want the Democrats to win?

“You think it’s because it’s good for America?

“Or do you think it’s because if the Democrats win, it’s good for China?”

Trump Jr. then blasted Ossoff, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), and Hunter Biden, and lamented that “no one cares.”

Ossoff, from his Senate filings, omitted a payment from a company directly linked to the CCP.

He later attributed the omission to an “oversight,” but the question still arises as to whether he benefitted from the omission for his primary run

Trump Jr. also cited Swalwell’s relationship with suspected Chinese spy Christine Fang and Hunter Biden’s business dealings in China.

He also rejected the notion that Republicans would sit out voting because of concerns with election integrity.

“That’s what the Democrats want,” he said.

“That sounds like a Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi talking point. That’s what the Democrats have been hoping and praying and dreaming for years would happen to Republicans,” Trump Jr. continued.

“That Republicans would get sick of it, that they’d be dejected, that they’d end up just sitting at home.”

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