Trump: Obama Gave $150 Billion to Iran, Democrats Won’t Pay $5b for Border Wall

Trump: Obama Gave $150 Billion to Iran, Democrats Won’t Pay $5b for Border Wall

President slam Dems’ hypocrisy as he advocates Souther Border wall funding

President Donald Trump has slammed the hypocrisy shown by the Democrats as they continue to block requests for the funding of his promised wall along the US Southern Border.

The president continued advocating the significant funding required to build the wall on Wednesday, following a fiery debate on Tuesday during a White House meeting he held with Vice President Mike Pence and top Democrats Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.


Trump took to Twitter today asking why former President Barack Obama “gave Iran 150 Billion Dollars,” yet the Democratic Party is opposing the $5 billion he is requesting to secure the country’s border.

“The Democrats and President Obama gave Iran 150 Billion Dollars and got nothing, but they can’t give 5 Billion Dollars for National Security and a Wall?” Trump asked on Twitter.

President Trump then followed up to say that today’s news of another terror attack in France was further evidence that border security needs tightening.

According to Breitbart, the president was referring to former President Barack Obama’s controversial $1.7 billion settlement with Iran including a special delivery of $400 million in pallets of cash to the country on the same day that Iran released American prisoners.

Trump demanded Tuesday that Democrats support a deal that includes additional border security funds in a meeting with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

The president argued that funding the wall was a “national emergency” and proposed $5 billion in funding.

Schumer refused, insisting that he would only provide just $1.6 billion in border security funds.

In response, Trump said he would shut down the government and take responsibility for it if they failed to include additional wall funding.

“I am proud to shut down the government for border security, Chuck, because the people of this country don’t want criminals and people that have lots of problems, and drugs pouring into our country,” he said in response to Schumer.

“So I will take the mantle, I will be the one to shut it down, I’m not going to blame you for it.”

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The president also pointed to the recent terrorist attack in France as proof that the United States needed a secure wall on the border.

“We are going to strengthen our borders even more,” he wrote.

“Chuck and Nancy must give us the votes to get additional Border Security!”

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