Trump: Omar’s ‘Rock Star’ Welcome ‘Staged’ in Minnesota – ‘They Can’t Stand Her’

Trump: Omar’s ‘Rock Star’ Welcome ‘Staged’ in Minnesota – ‘They Can’t Stand Her’

President vows to win state in 2020: ‘They can’t stand her and her hatred of our country’

President Donald Trump blasted anti-American Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) on Friday, accusing the AOC Squad member of staging the “rock star” welcoming she received when arriving in Minnesota.

Trump ridiculed the crowd of supporters gathered in the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport to welcome Omar, arguing that the people of Minnesota “can’t stand” the radical Democratic lawmaker.

The president added that citizens of the state object to Omar’s “hatred of our country,” before vowing to win the state in 2020.

Trump slammed the establishment media over their coverage of the event, accusing them of a “sick partnership” with the radical left.

“They even covered a tiny staged crowd as they greeted Foul Mouthed Omar in Minnesota, a state which I will win in 2020 because they can’t stand her and her hatred of our Country,” he wrote.

“It’s good to be home,” Omar wrote on Twitter on Thursday night, sharing a video of the welcoming crowd.

“Mainstream Media, which has lost all credibility, has either officially or unofficially become a part of the Radical Left Democrat Party,” Trump wrote.

“It is a sick partnership, so pathetic to watch!”

Trump noted the establishment media was “crazed” over the “send her back” chant shouted by his supporters but remained “totally calm” about Omar’s history of controversial statements.

Trump disavowed the “send her back” chants at his campaign rally, suggesting he would try to stop them in the future.

“I wasn’t happy with that message that they gave last night, but that was a packed arena,” he said on Thursday at the White House.

While giving an “impromptu” speech to her supporters during her heroes’ welcome, Rep. Omar vowed to continue being a “nightmare” for President Trump.

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