Trump Shares Video of Pelosi as She ‘Stammers Through News Conference’

Trump Shares Video of Pelosi as She ‘Stammers Through News Conference’

President shares video of House speaker appearing confused and stuttering

President Donald Trump shared a video on Twitter of Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, showing her stammering through a press conference.

The video features a highlight clip from Fox Business in which anchors discuss the senior Democrat and analyze her future as speaker of the House.

The hosts review a compilation of clips from a recent presser in which Pelosi appears confused and stutters several times.

The pair concludes that the Democratic leader may be too old to continue taking center stage for the party.

“PELOSI STAMMERS THROUGH NEWS CONFERENCE,” he wrote as a caption for the video.

In the clip, Pelosi appears to forget the name of Trump’s new trade deal with Mexico and Canada and holds up two fingers as she pronounces a list of “three things” to remember.

The video has been viewed millions of times since Trump shared it this week.

The president uploaded the video after he posited Thursday that Pelosi, 79, was slipping, as she continued to needle the president on investigations.

“I tell you what, I’ve been watching her, and I have been watching her for a long period of time — she’s not the same person,” he said.

As Neon Nettle previously reported, in February this year, Pelosi appeared to suffer some form of meltdown as she gave a Trump-bashing speech at the US-Mexico border.

The senior Democrat can be seen fumbling for words and stuttering her way through the address that was designed to undermine President Trump’s push for a wall along the United States Southern Border.

A video of the speech shows Pelosi struggling to speak coherently during a border press conference in Laredo, Texas.

Pelosi was at the Southern Border to share a hug with a Mexican official and affirm her opposition to President Donald Trump’s national emergency declaration.

“I’ll remember this trip for years to come,” Pelosi wrote on Twitter.

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