Trump Signs Bill That Guarantees 800,000 Federal Workers Get Paid Amid Shutdown

Trump Signs Bill That Guarantees 800,000 Federal Workers Get Paid Amid Shutdown

Government Employee Fair Treatment Act of 2019 secure pay for federal workers

The White House announced that President Donald Trump has signed the Government Employee Fair Treatment Act of 2019 which secures backpay for 800,000 federal workers after the government shutdown.

The media was kept away from witnessing the signing, and the President has yet to make a formal statement.

The White House stated the bill ‘requires the compensation of government employees for wages lost, work performed, or leave used during a lapse in appropriations that begins on or after December 22, 2018, and entitles excepted employees to use leave during a lapse in appropriations,’ according to reports.

The bill will guarantee employees will be paid once government fully reopens.

The House and Senate had earlier voted in favor of the act.

Trump is still waiting for funding for $5.7 billion to build a wall along the Mexican border.

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told President Donald Trump to delay his annual State of the Union address until after the partial US Government shutdown has ended.

Pelosi requested that Trump should either push back his address or simply submit it in writing.

The president is scheduled to deliver his televised speech to a Joint Session of Congress on Jan. 29.

According to the DailyMail: Ms. Pelosi is citing concerns about whether the hobbled government can provide adequate security, but Republicans are casting her move as a ploy to reject Mr. Trump the stage.

Ms. Pelosi said that with both the Secret Service and the Homeland Security Department entangled in the shutdown, the president should speak to Congress another time or he should deliver the address in writing.

Mr. Trump did not immediately reply to the request, and the White House had yet to offer any official response hours later.

Earlier, the House passed a Democratic measure to reopen the government through to February 8 and provide 14 billion dollars (£10 billion) in emergency spending for recent hurricanes, wildfires and other natural disasters.

The bill was approved 237-187 on Wednesday, mostly along party lines, but appears dead on arrival in the Republican-controlled Senate.

But despite the Bill being signed guaranteeing pay, CNN reported that some employees have turned to GoFundMe to raise money for living expenses.

More than 1,500 campaigns have been set up on the crowdfunding site by furloughed government employees looking for help, GoFundMe spokeswoman Katherine Cichy told CNN.

Together, the campaigns so far have raised more than $300,000.

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