Trump Slams Biden’s Mental State: ‘Doesn’t Even Know What He’s Criticizing’

Trump Slams Biden’s Mental State: ‘Doesn’t Even Know What He’s Criticizing’

President weighs in on Biden’s embarrassing gaffes

President Donald Trump blasted former Vice President Joe Biden suggesting the Democratic frontrunner’s mind was so far gone he didn’t even know what he was criticizing following a recent attack on the Trump administration.

During an interview on Fox News, Sean Hannity asked:

“What do you make of these numerous gaffes of Joe Biden?”

“Well, look, I don’t want to be too critical,” Trump replied.

“I just – you know, I’ve never seen anything like it, to be honest. And I’m sure that the Democrats are saying the same thing. But they’d rather have him than Bernie.”

“Any thoughts in your mind why you think Barack Obama has not endorsed his vice president of eight years?” Hannity asked.

“Well, I would say because he didn’t think he could make it,” Trump responded. 

“He didn’t think he had a shot at it,” Trump added.

“You know, he’s dealing with people that I didn’t rate the highest on the political scale.”

Trump responded to Biden’s attack on the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus, saying:

“And then I watched Biden try and criticize us, but I’m not sure he knows what he’s criticizing, to be honest with you. But I watched him the other day try.”

Earlier this week, Trump took shots at Biden’s gaffes, saying the presidential candidate doesn’t know “what office he’s running for.”

Trump tweeted at the time:

“Sleepy Joe doesn’t know where he is or what he’s doing.”


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“Honestly, I don’t think he even knows what office he’s running for!”

The President’s tweet followed comments on the eve of Super Tuesday.

“Tomorrow, voters in states across the nation for Super Tuesday — not Super Thursday. Oh, he said Super Thursday! You can’t do these things. Can you imagine if I said Super Thursday? I would be over, right? I would be over,” Trump said.

Last month, Trump accused Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) of trying to create “panic” over the coronavirus to give herself a “political advantage.”

Pelosi accused the Trump administration of responding “too late” to halt the possible spread of China’s deadly coronavirus in the United States.

On Tuesday, Trump donated his entire quarterly salary – $100,000 – to help combat the deadly coronavirus by directing funds to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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