Tulsi Gabbard: Human Traffickers Are Winning with Biden’s ‘Open Borders’ Policy

Tulsi Gabbard: Human Traffickers Are Winning with Biden’s ‘Open Borders’ Policy

‘It needs to end now’

Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard said Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s “open-door policy” is only benefiting “gangs, cartels, and human traffickers,” adding it needs to “end now.”

Gabbard wrote on Facebook:

“The Biden/Harris open-door policy has been a disaster.”

“It needs to end now. The main beneficiaries of open borders are the gangs, cartels, and human traffickers.”

“The Trump policy of having people wait on the other side of the border worked and needs to be reinstated,” Gabbard continued.

Meanwhile, Texas has been working to reduce the record-setting border crossings.

Earlier this week, Biden’s administration claimed the border was “not open,” despite thousands of illegal migrants flooding in.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas continued the Biden admin’s attempts to downplay the border crisis during a press conference in Del Rio, Texas, on Monday.

Mayorkas claimed that the U.S. border is closed to illegal aliens, despite thousands of migrants pouring into the country, largely unopposed, for days.

The press conference came after over 15,000 illegal migrants were recorded flooding Del Rio over the past two weeks.

Meanwhile, MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle blasted Kamala Harris, her failure as the “border czar.”

Ruhle said on MSNBC:

“How about the message from our vice president, where is she?”

“She was supposed to be in charge of all of these migration issues, going to those Northern Triangle countries that’s obviously not Haiti; that was one of her first international trips with the message do not come here illegally.”

In April, Neon Nettle reported that Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich said Harris ignored his invitations to tour the state’s border facilities.

“I guess if you were a philosopher, you would say no response is a very loud response because we’ve not received any response,” Brnovich told Fox Business host Dagen McDowell.

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