Turkey Uses Military Vehicle to Tear Down Border Fence So Migrants Can Flood Greece

Turkey Uses Military Vehicle to Tear Down Border Fence So Migrants Can Flood Greece

Video shows armoured vehicle on Turkish side tearing down barrier to help migrants

A video has emerged that appears to show a Turkish military vehicle being used to tear down a border fence to help migrants illegally cross into Greece.

The night-vision footage was released by Greek authorities this week.

The video seemingly depicts a tactical armored combat vehicle ripping down the border fencing along the Greece-Turkey border from the Turkish side.

As tens of thousands of military-aged men from the Middle East and Africa gather at the border, the move appears to help the migrants illegally enter the European Union via Greece.


The move follows violent scenes at the border as migrants have been attempting to rush the crossing points and overwhelm Greek authorities.

The brazen push by the Turkish regime comes as tens of thousands of migrants are amassing at the country’s border with Greece after Turkey’s Islamist regime leader sent them to breach the EU.

President Recep Erdogan made good on his long-standing threat to “open the gates” and flood Europe with migrants, The Sun reports.

The video was filmed at night from an observation point on Greece’s side of the land border late last week, according to Greek authorities.

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Turkey received the Hizir 4×4 tactical armored vehicles in 2019 as part of a program using 75 percent European Union funding.

Ironically, now the Turkish regime now appears to be using the same equipment to destroy the European Union’s external borders to aide illegal immigrants in flooding the continent.

Images from the Kastanies region near Greek-Turkish border depict scores of military-age migrant men battling with Greece’s authorities.

Witnesses have also reported seeing Turkish military personnel firing tear gas, stun grenades, and blank rounds toward the Greek side of the border.

Last Friday, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis declared during an interview with CNN that the 2016 agreement between the EU and Turkey was “dead” since “Turkey has decided to completely violate the agreement.”

“What we’re dealing with is not really a migration or refugee problem,” Mitsotakis told CNN.

“It’s a conscious attempt by Turkey to use migrants and refugees as geopolitical pawns to promote its own interest.”

According to the Greek government, only four percent of the migrants who have successfully breached the Greek border in recent days are Syrians.

Reports by the news agency Reuters also suggest that very few of those who’ve amassed at the Greek-Turkish border are actually Syrian refugees.

According to a recent poll carried out by the opinion research firm Pulse, 76 percent of Greeks support their government’s response to the attempted invasion.

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