Turkey’s Leader Calls for Islamic Holy War with Europe

Turkey’s Leader Calls for Islamic Holy War with Europe

Turkish President Recep Erdogan hints at the re-establishment of the Ottoman Empire

Turkey’s Islamist leader has called for an Islamic holy war with Europe following his recent attempts at flooding the European Union with migrants via the Turkish border with Greece.

Head of the Turkish regime, President Recep Erdogan, recently gave a speech where he lauded the offensive on the Greek frontier as a holy war against Europe.

President Erdogan also suggested the possible re-establishment of the Ottoman Empire.

Erodgan opened his fiery speech with a quote from a famous poem written by the Turkish poet Yahya Kemal Beyatlı titled, “26 Ağustos 1922.

The poem is named after the day that the Great Offensive in the Turkish War of Independence vanquished the Greeks in Anatolia.

The attack literally drove them into the Eastern Aegean Sea.

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Since Turkey opened the gates, allowing millions of migrants unrestricticted passage to the EU, Greek border authorities have been overhwlemed as they attempt to defend their frontier.

This week, the Greek government has announced that 52,541 migrants have been caught attempting to illegally cross the border.

Since Erdogan’s regime opened the gates on February 29 for all the migrants currently staying in Turkey, each day has seen hundreds of illegal migrants.

Most of those heading for the border are fighting-aged men, attempting to cross into Greece illegally and, therefore, the European Union.

Despite some reports claiming that the intensity at the Greek-Turkish border has lessened in the last week, the Greek newspaper Proto Thema reported that between Sunday and Monday of this week, 713 illegal migrants tried to illegally cross into Greece.

The Greek newspaper also notes that between Feb. 29 and March 16, a total of 52,541 migrants attempted to illegally cross the border.

In the same time period, Greek security forces managed to arrest 410 migrants who were breaking the law.

Less than a week ago, among the 252 migrants who had been arrested for illegally crossing into Greece, just 4 percent were Syrians, according to figures from the government, Greek media reports.

Since “opening the gates” the Turkish regime has been accused of sending freed prisoners to the border, bussing thousands of migrants to the Kastanies region near the Evros river, and arming migrants with tear gas canisters to use against Greek border guards.

Last Wednesday, Greek authorities released shocking video footage which shows a Turkish tactical armored combat vehicle – ironically bought with EU funding – ripping down the border fencing along the Greek-Turkish border in a brazen attempt to help migrants cross the border illegally.

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