UK Government Hires George Soros to Give Police ‘Hate Crime Training’

UK Government Hires George Soros to Give Police ‘Hate Crime Training’

New plans to tackle ‘hate speech’ are revealed by the Home Office

The UK has announced it will use taxpayers money to pay for George Soros‘s “hate crime” training programme, which will be used on Police officers tackling “anti-Muslim hate crimes.”

Under the guise of fighting “hate speech” and “hate crime,” the new Soros funded training smells a lot like the end of free speech.

“I will also be asking my Anti-Muslim hate crime and Anti-Semitism roundtables to identify what more we can do to stamp out hate crime,” Home Secretary Sajid Javid said.

As new plans to tackle “hate speech” are revealed, the Home Office has promised a police cash boost to give handlers “specialist training” developed by George Soros’s NGO.

“The programme will help call handlers to effectively identify if a hate crime has been committed and provide a professional and empathetic response for people who may have suffered personal abuse,” according to the ministry’s website. reports: Police Oracle reports that £20,000 of taxpayers’ money will be spent on training delivered by the National Police Chiefs’ Council in partnership with Facing All The Facts, an organisation funded by globalist billionaire George Soros which works with social media companies like Google along with law enforcement agencies across Europe to monitor and fight “hate”.

“It is part of the government’s crucial work to tackle all forms of hate crime, support victims and protect the vulnerable from this horrific abuse,” the Home Office said.

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Later this year, the government will release an updated Hate Crime Action Plan outlining further measures the state intends to take to tackle “the five hate crime strands – race, religion, sexual orientation, disability and transgender identities”.

The action plan, the first version of which was published shortly after the Brexit vote in summer 2016, defines success as maximising the number of “hate” incidents reported by members of the public, instructing police and various monitoring agencies to actively solicit complaints.

Sajid Javid said: “Hate crimes are totally unacceptable and have no place in British society. I understand the fear, anguish and anger they can cause.

“Those who have the courage to report these vile crimes deserve as much support as possible. That is why we have provided funding to give police call handlers expert training to spot the signs and respond compassionately.

“I will also be asking my Anti-Muslim hate crime and Anti-Semitism roundtables to identify what more we can do to stamp out hate crime,” the newly-installed Home Secretary said.

Announcing their expansion, the Home Office said that the previous work of ‘hate crime’ roundtables includes the creation of a “guide to moderate online hate content” and a “guide to support hate crime victims”.

It also highlighted “ongoing collaboration between the Anti-Muslim Hatred Working Group and IPSO (Independent Press Standards Organisation)” in the aid of ensuring “sensitive reporting” around issues relating to state-designated victim groups.

While the number of arrests in Britain has fallen dramatically in recent years, despite large increases in recorded crime, arrests over “hateful” comments posted online have risen by as much as 877 percent in some parts of England.

With dedicated “hate crime coordinators” in place across the country, police dedication to driving up the number of so-called hate crime reports is such that forces in the northwest of England held a weeklong campaign out of concern that officers “see a reduction in reports of hate crime at this time of year”….

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