UK Government Rules ‘Animals Don’t Have Ability to Feel Pain’

UK Government Rules ‘Animals Don’t Have Ability to Feel Pain’

British leaders declare EU laws protecting animals will be scrapped after Brexit

The British Government has caused outrage following a terrible abuse of animal rights after declaring that all non-human beings do not have feelings or emotions, and lack “the ability to feel pain.”

Under current European Union laws, animals in the UK are classed as “sentient beings” and protected from cruelty.

When the new legislation comes into effect, it means commercial laboratories will be free to perform tests on animals that will cause them pain or emotional trauma.

Because the ruling states that animals “don’t feel pain,” labs will, therefore, be free to inflict as much cruelty as they wish.

Farms will also become be less regulated as living conditions for livestock will no longer be an issue for farmers, legally speaking.

The government voted against the legislation, which recognizes that animals have sentience and can feel pain and emotions, while debating the Brexit bill.

It’s not only foxes and badgers that will be under threat from the change in the law but all animals that aren’t pets.

Once Britain leaves the EU in 2019, all animals that are profitable to exploit will be at risk.

The Independent reports: This vote comes in contrast to extensive scientific evidence that shows that other animals do have feelings and emotions, some even stronger than ours.

But politicians clearly think that they know better about animal brains than the majority of scientists on the planet.

This complete lack of logic leads me to believe that many of our MPs probably have less intelligence than a jellyfish.

But unfortunately, I don’t have any stake in Parliament to vote through my personal opinions, unlike those politicians.

Realistically though, who would be surprised by this new vote?

Despite Michael Gove’s calls to improve animal welfare standards post-Brexit, we all know the Government, and in fact, most of the UK public doesn’t really care about animals unless they’re cute and fluffy.

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“Animal welfare” in the Government’s (and indeed the public’s) eyes is riddled with double standards.

At the moment, 80 percent of the UK’s animal welfare legislation comes from the EU – if we’re voting out the fact that animals are sentient, why would we even bother with the rest of it?

If the Government doesn’t believe that animals can even feel pain, surely none of their rights will be protected at all.

When we leave the EU, pets will be protected by the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

But where does this leave wild animals, those in labs, and those in other forms of captivity?

Just a small example of this is cosmetics testing.

Under EU law it is illegal to test on animals for cosmetics like body wash and nail varnish.

But this could easily be scrapped just like the recognition of animals as sentient beings has been.

We are looking at a very grim future for animals, where labs are free to test on animals with as much cruelty as they wish (and no pain relief, because apparently, animals don’t feel pain) and farms are less and less regulated.

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