UK Public Faces Jail for Refusing to Self-Quarantine for Coronavirus

UK Public Faces Jail for Refusing to Self-Quarantine for Coronavirus

Police could lock people up or issue big fines for those who refuse to cooperate

The British public is facing big fines or possible jail time for refusing to test or self-quarantine for the deadly coronavirus.

Police could also fine people £1,000 ($1,230) if they refuse to cooperate with efforts to tackle the pandemic.

Next week, authorities will announce the new emergency powers which are being granted to allow UK cops to use “reasonable force” to detain people who could pose a risk of infection to others.

The news comes as the UK death toll soared from 21 to 35 overnight while the number of cases of COVID-19 surged from 1,140 to 1391.

Information regarding the police’s new powers was published on the government’s website.

According to the updated Health Protection (Coronavirus) Regulations 2020, people can be held for up to 14 days in a secure hospital or any other suitable location, the Telegraph reports.

The regulations also state that people could be arrested and taken into custody if they leave quarantine before the isolation period is up.

Failure to comply is a criminal offense and could lead to a fine of up to £1,000 ($1,230) and imprisonment if the penalty is not paid.

Those suspected of having the virus must consent to giving blood and having their throat and nose swabbed, the report says.

They must also tell authorities who they have met and where they have traveled.

Chillingly, there are also measures to speed up cremations and burials, according to a draft seen by The Times.

All new powers will be unveiled Monday by No 10 as Prime Minister Boris Johnson reveals the next steps in his coronavirus game plan.

This follows Scotland where authorities have already been enabled to undertake such actions.

Downing Street is hoping to push the new legislation through parliament in 14 days.

The laws will stay in place for two years as experts fear the majority of the population will be infected with the killer bug.

Mr. Johnson also wants a lot more businesses to move towards “widespread working from home.”

The PM is working with the chief medical officer and chief scientific adviser on plans to “stop various types of public event.”

It would ease the pressure on ambulances and the police.

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