UK’s Population Surges Towards 73M As Influx Of EU Migrants Doubles In a Decade

UK’s Population Surges Towards 73M As Influx Of EU Migrants Doubles In a Decade

Office Of National Statistics reveals unsustainable immigration figures

The population of the UK has more than doubled from 1.6 million to 3.8 million between 2007 and 2017 as the influx of EU migrants continues to soar.

According to the Office Of National Statistics, those born those born on the continent grew from 1.9million to 3.7million in the same period – showing how some people adjust nationality after moving here.

The Uk’s population is now at its greatest ever level, according to the ONS survey.

Sarah Coates, Centre for Ageing and Demography, Office for National Statistics, explained: ‘The UK population has doubled over the last 140 years, reaching a new high of 66 million people in 2017. We project there to be almost 73 million people in the UK by 2041.

‘This growth is due to there being more births than deaths and more people moving to the UK than leaving.

‘As well as growing, the population is also aging. From looking at past patterns, we project that more than a quarter of UK residents will be aged 65 years or over within the next 50 years.’

According to the DM: Net migration has fired growth in the population since the mid-1990s, largely because of EU free movement and the expansion of the bloc.

In 2017, the UK’s net migration was around 282,000, with around 631,000 people immigrating and around 349,000 emigrating.

The number of EU nationals arriving in Britain has fallen since the Brexit vote in 2016 – but arrivals are still running at net 87,000 a year according to the latest data.

Government policy is to slash net arrivals from around the world to the tens of thousands, despite years of the actual figure being around three times higher and warnings the economy would be hit by cuts.

Lord Green of Deddington, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: ‘The ONS projections show continued rapid increase in the population even on the cautious assumption they have taken for immigration.

‘They assume net migration of 165,000 which is nearly 100,000 less than current levels.

‘This is important because immigration, together with the children born to immigrants in the UK, has accounted for over 80% of population growth since 2001.’

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