US Schools BAN Christian Prayer Before Football Games Because of ‘Complaint’

US Schools BAN Christian Prayer Before Football Games Because of ‘Complaint’

The student-led prayer has now been scrapped due an anonymous complaint

Traditional Christian prayer before football games has been banned in 18 schools across the US following a complaint.

The student-led prayer, which has been a long-standing tradition in American schools, has now been scrapped due to a complaint from an organization outside of the Christian community, according to Christian persecution watchdog International Christian Concern (ICC).

Superintendent Rodney Green explained after the Alabama-based cluster of 18 schools discussed options with layers after the anonymous complaint, they decided to forbid prayer and do a moment’s silence instead.

The Express reports The decision upset neighbors of the schools, who said they had grown accustomed to the tradition of hearing prayers to God over the schools’ PA systems for years.

Scott Wortham, a youth minister from the Church of Remlap near Southeastern High School, of the Blount County schools, spoke of his shock at the ban.

He said: “One of our youths actually led the prayer over the P.A. system and that was last week.

“We really see no harm in praying for the welfare of our football players, and those that will be out playing, protection, and good sportsmanship.”

Religion is an important part of the community for those who live in Blount County.

Several members of the the Church of Remlap were voluntarily washing cars for strangers as part of the good work they do throughout the community.

Countries such as India, Pakistan and Syria have seen the closure of churches and banishment of the religion.

Some worshippers have even reported horrendous acts of violence that has taken place in an attempt to drive Christians out of villages and towns.

Last week, Chinese government officials came under fire for destroying 7,000 crucifixes and burning bibles in Henlan province.

China: Christianity crackdown threatens church goers
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Christian homes have also been raided to remove religious symbols and the Chinese Communist Party also arrested church members and seized churches.

This came after new religious regulations introduced in February meant churches have to be officially registered in the state and adhere to the rules set by Chinese authorities.

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