Venezuelan Entrepreneur Warns Americans: ‘Socialism Literally Kills People’

Venezuelan Entrepreneur Warns Americans: ‘Socialism Literally Kills People’

Business owner warns about horrors of socialism

A small Venezuelan business owner described how his country went from one of the richest in Latin America to the poorest as a result of socialism.

Jose Monagas warned how socialized medicine, something democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders is proposing for America, brought nothing but misery to his country.

“For example, if you get into an accident and the ambulance takes you to the hospital, you will just die outside the hospital,” Monagas told Fox News.

“People die going from one hospital to another to see which one can take you.”

He added:

“They are sick, and they are dying.”

“They are waiting outside of the hospital for their medicine, and their treatment and that happens every day.”

Mongas said that Venezuela’s crisis went far beyond the health care system and has now affected every aspect of life.

“Right now, so many people in Venezuela are going to work without taking a shower,” he told Fox News

“So many people don’t have water to drink. They have been robbed, and they don’t know what to say,” he added.

“They don’t have anyone to go to,” he said.

Monagas also added that the country’s socialist government limiting access to utilities like electricity has made it impossible to conduct business in the country.

“One of the biggest problems for us is paranoia with electricity because we have a software development service team and you cannot do software development without electricity and the internet,” he said.

“Every day you’re risking that electricity will go out and you’ll have three days without electricity. It has happened before.”

“The country has no conditions for producers to produce food, for companies to stay there,” Monagas told Fox.

“The economic situation is very bad.”

As a growing number of young Americans express a desire to support Sanders, many Hispanics living in the United States have expressed the horror of living under a possible socialist president.

Daniel DiMartino, a young activist, told TheBlaze how the late Hugo Chavez fooled many of his fellow countrymen into believing the country was more impoverished than it was.

“We were able to put food on the table, work hard, and pay for what we wanted. We were rich but didn’t know it,” DiMartino said.

“I don’t want Americans to wake up one day and find themselves saying the same thing.”

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