Video of Italian Church Destroyed by ‘Drunk Migrants’ Goes Viral

Video of Italian Church Destroyed by ‘Drunk Migrants’ Goes Viral

The Romanian nationals allegedly entered the church Roman Catholic church on Easter

A video of a church in Italy destroyed by two allegedly intoxicated Romanian migrants over Orthodox Easter has gone viral.

The Romanian nationals allegedly entered the church Roman Catholic church of the Madonna della Misericordia del Lugaresi in Cesen following the celebrations of Orthodox Easter over the weekend.

Debate on social media suggested the incident involved Islamic extremists, but according to a report from the Italian newspaper Il Resto del Carlino, it was a pair of Romanian migrants who had been drinking. 

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Director of the Istituto dei Lugaresi, a local youth center, Marco Censi said, “they broke glass and some benches, they cut themselves… But Islamic extremists have nothing to do with it.

“We should not give the incident connotations that it does not have.”

“Whoever made the video is a policeman who intervened immediately after the episode,” Censi said.

He added “the celebrations for the Orthodox Easter went on until late at night. Those two people had drunk too much.”

Orthodox priest Silviu Sas, who was using the church for his services for five years, said:

“Until the police called me, I didn’t notice anything. We were in the church until four o’clock yesterday morning to celebrate the rites of our Easter, the liturgy and the blessing of food; then the faithful went to their own homes.”

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“The church was granted to us by the Curia precisely because we keep it clean, in order, and we attend it three times a week, as agreed with Bishop Douglas,” he added and said.

He noted that nothing like this had occurred in the past among his 150 or so parishioners.

Following the terrorist attack in Sri Lanka over Easter weekend, many religious buildings are on high alert.

Last month, Italy’s populist leader, Matteo Salvini, continued his hardline approach to unwanted migrants in his country by deporting over 1,500 from a refugee camp in Reggio before bulldozing the site.

Earlier in the week, Italian police removed around 1,592 migrants from the camp before flattening the shanty town where they were living.

The refugees who occupied the camp have continually evoked the ire of Italian citizens across the nation.

The government eventually intervened following a series of recent incidents, including three deaths.

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