VP Mike Pence Planning to Attend Joe Biden’s Inauguration

VP Mike Pence Planning to Attend Joe Biden’s Inauguration

Pence was reportedly angered with Trump after Capitol chaos

Vice President Mike Pence will attend Joe Biden‘s inauguration, according to reports.

The news comes as rumors circulate that President Donald Trump will boycott the ceremony.

Sources close to Pence said he was likely to attend the inauguration on the 20th of January, Poltico reported.

The Vice President’s decision was reportedly based on the back of Trump’s demands that he overturn the Electoral College results.

According to Pence, such an action was not within his constitutional authority.

Pence was also reportedly angered with Trump for using such rhetoric.

“It was a much more difficult decision days ago, but less difficult now,” a person close to Pence said.

It still remains uncertain whether Trump will attend Biden’s inauguration, after claims the victory was illegitimate.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi later declared that Trump must be removed from office before Biden’s inauguration.

The Democrat leader accused the president of committing “an assault on our nation” and demanded his removal either by Vice President Mike Pence and the cabinet or by impeachment.

Pelosi is threatening to impeach Trump a second time unless his cabinet invokes the 25th Amendment to remove him from office.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer also laid into Trump and “the people who follow him” amid the riots that overran the Capitol yesterday.

Schumer said:

“But make no mistake, make no mistake, my friends, today’s event did not happen spontaneously.”

“The president, who promoted conspiracy theories and motivated these thugs, the president, who extorted them to come to our nation’s capital, egged them on, he hardly ever discourages violence [sic], and more often encourages it [sic].”

Trump issued a video statement, which was later deleted by Twitter amid chaotic protest in capitol hill after a woman was shot and killed inside the Capitol building on Wednesday.

41-year-old Ashli Babbit was shot and killed by Capitol Police as she joined other Trump supporters in entering the building.

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