Walmart Employee Stops Child Traffickers from Snatching 4-year-old Girl

Walmart Employee Stops Child Traffickers from Snatching 4-year-old Girl

Child trafficking epidemic has become painfully apparent,

The child trafficking epidemic has become painfully apparent, even so-called ‘safe’ places there are people with devious intentions lurking in plain sight.

On September 24 a loss prevention officer at a Walmart in Fort Worth, Texas, managed to prevent what was a possible kidnapping incident by child traffickers. according to the Star-Telegram.

The report comes from police officer Tracy Carter, who says a man and a woman were spotted attempting to abduct a 4-year-old girl in a shopping center.

When the man and the women were confronted by the prevention officer, the pair drove away in a red SUV.

Police are now investigating the incident.

The WJ reports: While broaching the subject of kidnapping with young kids is certainly unpleasant, parents can and need to teach young children to defend themselves in a situation where someone is trying to kidnap them.

Even the most vigilant of parents simply cannot be attentive to a child 100 percent of the time.

Teach your child to scream, yell, kick, or put up any kind of fight if someone is trying to take them. An informed child is a less vulnerable child.

Kudos to this loss prevention officer for being the extra set of eyes that this parent desperately needed while running errands with small children.

In March 2017, a mother from Texas was shopping at Target with her 2-year-old daughter when she heard the most bone-chilling phrase come out of a stranger’s mouth: “Say bye to Mommy!”

The mother firmly believed that the man and woman standing innocently at the check-out line, who she described as “normal and friendly” at first, were intent on kidnapping her toddler.

Luckily, the mother was able to intervene before any evil came her daughter’s way.

But sometimes, parents get distracted. And even though a child is strapped into the grocery cart, parents have to split their focus between supervising their child and adding items to a cart.

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