WaPo Resurrects Old Russiagate Memes To Push Trump/Russia Narrative

WaPo Resurrects Old Russiagate Memes To Push Trump/Russia Narrative

Washington Post cites an ‘unnamed’ official upset with Trump’s ‘Putin secrecy’

The Washington Post has reported that Donald Trumps ‘reluctance’ to grant unfettered access to his conversations with Vladimir Putin has upset unnamed officials.

The President rushed the story as offensive and absurd.

According to the paper, Trump has “gone to extraordinary lengths to conceal details” of his conversations with Putin

Trump allegedly confiscated the notes of his interpreter following the meeting with the Russian leader in Hamburg in 2017, but this has not yet been proven.

But the Washington Post claims that US officials, of course, they remain anonymous, complained they had been isolated from the conversations that Trump had with the Russian leader.

The newspaper described the anonymous ‘official’ as s “one of the United States’ main adversaries.”

WaPo story has an undercurrent of suggestions that private meetings with Putin and Trump were to receive secret instructions from Moscow, send lethal weapons to Ukraine, close Iran deal and missile treaties, bomb Syria, and impose new sanctions on Russia.

The article has many holes, however.

The ‘super-secret meeting’ between Trump and Putin in Hamburg was attended by then-secretary of state Rex Tillerson, which would mean he is also deep-cover KGB agent in on the conspiracy.

Tillerson also released a readout following the meeting, a standard protocol that wasn’t enough for the media.

The sloppy and contradictory report then explains Trump’s ultra-secretive Putin meeting “allowed aides to listen to his phone conversations” with the Russian leader.

The post-interviewed allies of Trump who noted his caution of meeting Putin may be “driven by embarrassing leaks that occurred early in his presidency.”

But that theory has no real anti-Russia ‘Va Va Voom’ for the left-leaning media outlet.

Trump told Fox News, in response to the report, that there was nothing disreputable about his talks with the Russian leader.

When asked if he was ever working on behalf of the Kremlin, Trump responded: “I think it’s the most insulting thing I’ve ever been asked.”

“Credit to Jeannine Pirro for asking Trump if he’s a Russian Agent. The President, notably, never actually answered that question,” Colby Hall, founding editor of Mediaite, tweeted.

The Washington Post also reported that Democratic lawmakers are continuing to demand details about Trump’s meeting with Putin in Helsinki.

House Democrats are now planning to create a subcommittee aimed at containing n State Department records of Trump’s various meetings with Putin.

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