Wasserman Schultz: Brenda Snipes ‘Followed the Law’ When She Sabotaged Elections

Wasserman Schultz: Brenda Snipes ‘Followed the Law’ When She Sabotaged Elections

Florida Democrat Debbie Wasserman Schultz says elections supervisor ‘did nothing wrong’

Democratic Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has claimed that crooked election official Branda Snipes “followed the law,” despite a judge ruling the exact opposite.

Speaking with Jim Sciutto during a CNN interview, Wasserman Schultz claimed that the Broward County Elections Supervisor “did nothing wrong” when she destroyed and mishandled ballots, and allowed illegal aliens and felons to vote.

Wasserman Schultz leaped to Snipes’ defense, despite her long history of being involved in misconduct during elections in Florida.

“Number one, [Snipes] has followed the process as Florida law prescribes,” Wasserman Schultz declared.

“And there’s been absolutely nothing amiss that’s been found by Rick Scott’s own department of state election monitors who have been in her office since the spring.

“[There’s] no evidence of anything that has gone wrong.

“The process is simply working.

“The deadlines have been met,” the congresswoman claimed.

According to the Daily Caller, however, a circuit court judge ruled this past Friday that Snipes did violate Florida public records law by not providing requested election information to Florida Governor Rick Scott, who is running for Senate.

Scott filed a lawsuit late Thursday night alleging that Snipes was improperly withholding election information, including a count of total ballots cast and a breakdown of votes by category.

Circuit Judge Carol-Lisa Phillips found that Snipes’ failure to provide that information to Scott’s campaign was a violation of Florida law, the Miami Herald reported.

The information “should be a matter of record at this time and immediately available,” Judge Phillips held, ordering Snipes to release the information by 7 pm Friday.

As far as Wasserman Schultz’s claim that there is “no evidence of anything that has gone wrong,” the Herald also reported that Snipes had “accidentally” mixed approved provisional ballots with unapproved provisional ballots.

“There are at least 20 illegal votes mixed into an anonymous pile of 205 [provisional ballots], all sitting in a machine that counted them but did not add them to the final count,” the Herald said last week.

Florida is currently conducting a recount in the Senate race between Republican Rick Scott and Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson.

Scott was initially projected to win the race, however, his margin of victory is small enough to trigger a recount via Florida election law.

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