White House Advisor: 379,000 ‘Possibly Illegal Ballots’ Found in Michigan Alone

White House Advisor: 379,000 ‘Possibly Illegal Ballots’ Found in Michigan Alone

Peter Navarro: ‘Election may well have been stolen from President Trump’

Research conducted as part of the investigations into allegations of voter fraud during the presidential race may have revealed hundreds of thousands of “illegal ballots” in Michigan, according to White House advisor Peter Navarro.

Navarro recently announced that evidence had been uncovered that he said, “lends credence to the claim that the election may well have been stolen from President Donald J. Trump.”

On Monday, Navarro gave an update revealing that, according to his research, 379,000 “possibly illegal ballots” were cast in Michigan alone.

“My top-line number at this point for illegal, possibly illegal ballots, is 379,000,” Navarro told Steve Bannon on his War Room podcast.

Navarro’s announcement came on the same day that President Trump promised major developments from Pennsylvania would be revealed.

“Big news coming out of Pennsylvania,” Trump tweeted.

“Very big illegal ballot drop that cannot be accounted for. Rigged Election!” the president added.

Trump has waged an unprecedented effort to fight back against the results of the Nov. 3 election.

Although the Electoral College has declared Democrat nominee Joe Biden the winner of the Nov. 3 presidential election, the Trump campaign has insisted that there has been voter fraud in states that include Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin, as well as Pennsylvania.

Despite numerous claims of voting irregularities, including affidavits alleging fraud sworn to by reported eyewitnesses, no court has yet ruled that widespread fraud materially affected the results of the presidential election.

Navarro recently issued a report on the election that claimed, “[I]t is possible to infer what may well have been a coordinated strategy to effectively stack the election deck against the Trump-Pence ticket.

“Indeed, the observed patterns of election irregularities are so consistent across the six battleground states that they suggest a coordinated strategy to, if not steal the election outright, strategically game the election process in such a way as to ‘stuff the ballot box’ and unfairly tilt the playing field in favor of the Biden-Harris ticket.”

Navarro, a former Democrat who has been an economic adviser to Trump, said Monday that the extent of his findings was important.

“That’s more than twice the victory margin,” he said, noting that Biden’s margin of victory in the state was about 154,000 votes.

“You got dead voters,” he said.

“You’ve got inexplicable vote switching and vote surges.

“And that’s about 195,000.”

Navarro also said there were 174,384 votes cast without proper identification.

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Citing time-stamped data on Nov. 4 from The New York Times, Navarro said that “Trump had taken a substantial lead over Biden within a nine-hour period but within just five seconds at around 6:30 a.m. Eastern Time, Biden’s vote total skyrocketed by 141,258 votes,” which was over “30 times the expected vote count.”

“Within that same time frame, do you know how many Trump got? 5,968,” he said.

Navarro added that at 3:50 a.m. Eastern Time that day, Biden’s Michigan vote total leaped by 54,497 votes while Trump’s rose by only 4,718 votes.

He said that by comparing voters with the Social Security death index, about 9,500 dead Michigan voters “cast ballots” on Nov. 3.

He said the “big picture” showed there was a “coordinated strategy by the Democrat Party to stuff the ballot box with absentee and mail-in ballots, often bending the law or breaking the law to do so.”

“These people hate Trump so much that they hate Trump more than they love the country; they were willing to bend and sometimes break the law to get all this done,” he said.

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