Woman Wakes Up in Morgue After Doctors Declared Her Dead

Woman Wakes Up in Morgue After Doctors Declared Her Dead

Woman injured in car accident was still alive, woke up surrounded by corpses

A victim of a car crash woke up in a morgue after doctors mistakenly declared the women dead and gave up trying to resuscitate her.

The South African woman says she lived through what was possibly her “worst nightmare” when she awoke in a morgue fridge surrounded by cold corpses.

Shortly after an accident, the unnamed patient was rushed to a nearby hospital where she was declared dead and sent to the morgue.

After a while, she regained consciousness and was found by mortuary staff, alive and breathing.

The woman described the ordeal as “the worst day of her life.”

RT reports: Next to the nightmare of being buried alive, the idea of sleeping in a mortuary fridge surrounded by cold bluish corpses is probably one of the worst things many people can imagine.

This is exactly what happened to an unnamed woman who was badly injured in a car wreck near Johannesburg on June 24.

After her car reportedly turned over, the private ambulance crew Distress Alert said that despite their attempts to save the woman’s life, she had succumbed to her extensive injuries and practically showed “no form of life,” Times Live of South Africa reported.

Following the standard protocol, the paramedics, who said they failed to find a pulse or signs of breathing, declared her dead and dispatched the body to the government mortuary in Carletonville.

Days later, a morgue worker who was loading the bodies into the fridges came to the chilling realization that the woman who was earlier pronounced ‘dead’ was alive and breathing.

“When he pulled out the woman’s body‚ he saw that she was breathing,” one of his colleagues told the Times Live.

The woman was moved from the morgue to a hospital for further check-ups, and local authorities said they launched an investigation to find out who is responsible.

Puzzled by this miraculous reawakening, the ambulance service denied any wrongdoing on their part, insisting that their equipment failed to detect any sign of life.

This horror-film-scenario morgue resurrection is not wholly unprecedented in South Africa.

Seven years ago, a 50-year-old man woke up screaming in an Eastern Cape morgue, demanding to be taken out of ‘the cold place’ after spending nearly 24 hours there.

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