Woman Who Accused Avenatti Of Domestic Violence Files Restraining Order

Woman Who Accused Avenatti Of Domestic Violence Files Restraining Order

Actress Mareli Miniutti filed for a ‘domestic violence restraining order’

The actress who accused disgraced lawyer Michael Avenatti of domestic violence last week has filed a restraining order against him.

Court records reveal that Actress Mareli Miniutti “filed for a domestic violence restraining order against Avenatti Monday in Los Angeles,” according to The Blast.

Following the revelations, Avenatti responded in a Tweet:

“I look forward to a full clearing of my name and disclosure of all of the facts. I have NEVER abused a woman or committed domestic violence against anyone. Any claim to the contrary is completely bogus and fabricated. I am a target. And I will be exonerated.”

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Avenatti, a frequent critic of Donald Trump, represented adult entertainer Stormy Daniels when she made claims against the president, earning him the moniker “Creepy Porn Lawyer.”

Since going after the president, Avenatti represented some clients who made false claims against Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and was even accused himself as falsifying witness statements to steer the course of justice to suit his agenda.

Avenatti was arrested last Wednesday for suspected domestic violence against a woman that reportedly left the woman’s face “swollen and bruised.”

Sources told TMZ, who was first to report the story, that “the alleged incident occurred Tuesday, but there was a confrontation Wednesday between the two at an exclusive apartment building in the Century City area of L.A.”

According to the DW: The woman reportedly ran out of the apartment building on Wednesday and screamed on her cell phone, “I can’t believe you did this to me. I’m going to get a restraining order against you.”

“She hit me first,” Avenatti reportedly yelled, adding, “This is bulls***, this is f***ing bulls***.”

Avenatti’s arrest is just the latest legal problem he is currently facing as the Senate Judiciary Committee has made two referrals to the Department of Justice and FBI for a criminal investigation into Michael Avenatti “relating to a potential conspiracy to provide materially false statements to Congress and obstruct a congressional committee investigation, three separate crimes,” The Daily Wire reported last week.

“When a well-meaning citizen comes forward with information relevant to the committee’s work, I take it seriously. It takes courage to come forward, especially with allegations of sexual misconduct or personal trauma. I’m grateful for those who find that courage,” Chairman Chuck Grassley said.

“But in the heat of partisan moments, some do try to knowingly mislead the committee. That’s unfair to my colleagues, the nominees and others providing information who are seeking the truth. It stifles our ability to work on legitimate lines of inquiry.”

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