Yellow Vest Fireman Protester Shot in the Back of Head By Police

Yellow Vest Fireman Protester Shot in the Back of Head By Police

Violence against demonstrators by French police intensifies

A fireman, who joined with the Yellow Vest protest movement in France, has been shot in the back of the head by French police causing severe brain injuries.

Olivier Beziade, father-of-three children, was shot from behind by a police officer using a controversial flash ball gun.

Beziade can be seen wearing a high-visibility jacket synonymous with the Yellow Vests, as he lies motionless on the floor. 

Videos across social media show Beziade being treated by medics as he lays on the floor covered in blood.

His family members say he has a ‘severe brain injury’ and is currently in an induced coma in hospital.

French President Emmanuel Macron yesterday deployed riot police armed with “anti-terrorist” semi-automatic assault rifles, using live ammunition, to deal with the Yellow Vest protesters on the streets of France.

The Yellow Vest movement is only intensifying as Macron’s administration struggles to quell the uprising.

According to the BBC: Over the next two months the plan is for French people everywhere to join in a kind of mass consultation, the conclusions of which will be fed up to government and – in theory – help shape the second half of the Macron mandate.

But the Frech government are accusing protesters of civil unrest.

But Yellow Vest protesters accuse French police of excessive use of chemical weapons, stun grenades and flash balls.

‘I’m furious,’ said Cindy Beziade, the wife of Mr. Beziade.

‘This is unacceptable. I won’t let it go. The pictures speak for themselves.’

Beziade, who is also a volunteer firefighter, joined her husband for an ‘Act 9’ Day of Rage against the government.

‘The demonstration was calm until about 4.30pm,’ Mrs. Beziade told France Info.

‘I was with my husband in Rue Sainte-Catherine.

‘Then there was a bit of panic. We turned back to avoid teargas fumes and to go home. I turned first right; he took the first turning on the left.’

A plainclothes officer appeared around a corner and fired a flash ball at Mr. Beziade.

Police have been instructed to aim well below the head, but many incidents are showing they are not following instructions.

‘They shot at us like rabbits,’ said Mrs. Beziade.

A full investigation is now underway, but claims by police say that at a gang of Yellow Vests was ‘trying to get into an Apple store nearby’ when the shooting happened.

A police commander in Toulon is also under investigation for repeatedly beating up Yellow Vest protestors while a demonstration was taking place.

CRS riot police were witnessed with live ammunition semi-automatic weapons for the first time.

Demonstrations for ‘Day 10’ prepare for Saturday, but Macron is seemingly powerless to stop them.

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