Yellow Vests: Expect ‘Mayhem’ and ‘Revolution’ in UK if Brexit Isn’t Delivered

Yellow Vests: Expect ‘Mayhem’ and ‘Revolution’ in UK if Brexit Isn’t Delivered

The group expressed mistrust in politicians and British Prime Minister Theresa May

Yellow vest activists in the UK took to the streets of London on Friday protesting for ‘a clean exit’ from the European Union, according to reports.

The group expressed mistrust in politicians and British Prime minister Theresa May, who recently gained the confidence vote despite the escalating chaos around Brexit

One activist, who spoke to Sputnik News, said the voted Brexit because they wanted to reclaim control of their own country.

“We don’t want to be part of the federal European superstate that’s going to erode our rights and take away democracy.”

“This is Britain. We are not European. We have never been European. This is our land, and we are taking it back.”

“If the political class doesn’t like it, they will see a revolution as they’ve never seen before. It is time to take up the spirit of Oliver Cromwell, rise and reclaim what’s rightfully ours.”

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The activists, inspired by the recent “gilet jaunes” uprising in France, protested outside Downing Street, Tower Bridge, Westminster Bridge, and London Bridge.

The group warned about their determination to support Brexit among other causes.

“The yellow vests are just a start. This will spread out to the whole country,” an activist told Sputnik.

According to a named source in the UK’s armed forces cited by, London has tasked troops with developing a plan to prevent an uprising if the country leaves the European Union without a deal.

“We don’t want the deal. Dump the deal: no deal Brexit but trading under World Trade Organization terms.”

“Our fishing industry was decimated by the European Union. We have seen a mass migration. We have the outsourcing of all of our factories going into the EU.”

“We can’t have this anymore. This country is being raped and pillaged. It is time we stood up for what we believed in,” another activist said.

Speaking about the chance of a second referendum derailing Brexit another activist concluded

“If there is a second referendum, there will be mayhem. We will make sure that the polling stations are unreachable. The will of the people has to be respected. If it isn’t — you will see riots that make riots in France seem like nothing.”

The European Union recently told the United Kingdom there is zero possibility of renegotiating Brexit following Theresa May’s deal with leaving the EU.

Senior EU officials have insisted the settlement is fair enough to go along with.

“No deal better than the one on the table can be reached,” said Germany’s European affairs minister, Michael Roth on the dubious draft Brexit deal.

Germany’s Economy Minister Peter Altmaier stated there was zero chance to alter the Brexit deal while discharging any hope of a return to the drafting table.

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