Young Girls Throw Hot Coffee Over Pedophile to Rescue Friend During Attack

Young Girls Throw Hot Coffee Over Pedophile to Rescue Friend During Attack

Girls save friend from being kidnapped by child abuser by throwing hot drinks in his face

When a pedophile attacked an 11-year-old girl on the streets of a small town in Michigan, the quick thinking of her three friends stopped the known sex-abuser dead in his tracks and rescued the child from an unthinkable assault.

Whilst walking down a dark street in Millington, 22-year-old sexual predator Bruce Hipkins followed the four girls, aged between 11 and 14, and launched an attack by grabbing one of the children from the group.

The Eickhoff sisters and their friends had just left a local gas station where they had stopped for drinks on Friday, August 10.

Security footage showed that Hipkins had been watching and following the girls for some time before he pounced, but little did he realize that the beverages the group of youngsters had picked up were cups of red-hot coffee.

According to Liftable, the attempted kidnapping happened around 10 p.m.

A surveillance video taken by a security camera confirmed that a man had been watching the girls, and then proceeded to follow them out of the gas station’s convenience store.

The man who followed them is 22-year-old Bruce Hipkins.

According to ABC 12 WJRT, Hipkins had already been charged for other crimes, including charges for criminal sexual conduct.

It would seem this man is familiar with committing crimes.

He may have gotten away with another one if it hadn’t been for four brave girls who decided to fight back.

The girls told the news station that they’d originally tried to avoid Hipkins, choosing to cross the street where there was more lighting in front of a Dollar General.

Unfortunately, their quick thinking didn’t deter him.

He followed them, and then attacked 11-year-old Allison Eickhoff.

Her older sister Lauren, age 13, told ABC 12 WJRT that Hipkins tried to take her sister.

“Seeing that your little sister was going to get (taken) is very scary,” she said.

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The sisters and their two friends worked together to get rid of Hipkins, throwing whatever they could at him, including a cup of hot coffee.

“I grabbed my drink and chucked it at his head,” Lauren said.

After they escaped, the foursome ran a block where they called 911 from the Millington Inn.

Tuscola County police chief Jason Oliver said the girls did the right thing.

“They did exactly what they should’ve done in that situation,” he told BuzzFeed News.

“A lot of girls would’ve ran, but they decided to fight and stay together.

“They did an amazing job.”

When BuzzFeed News asked Allison about the experience she said, “My dad taught me a few moves…

“He taught me if anybody tries to get you, just aim for the neck and start punching, kicking, screaming, everything you can do to just get them away.”

The tween admitted she’s still a bit shaken up by the ordeal.

Thank goodness she and the other girls are okay.

And props to the Allison and Lauren’s dad for informing them what to do in a situation such as this one.

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