People Who Had One Simple Job to Do, But Failed Miserably


When a person is given one simple job, he or she is expected to complete that job correctly and to their best of their ability.

Unfortunately, sometimes that does not happen.

These photos are perfect examples of people who were given one job where the outcomes are hilarious failures.

Let’s take a look at some of these epic work fails…


A Big (Flip) Flop

Are you gearing up for the summer season and need a new pair of flip-flops? If you’re looking for a pair that can give everyone a good laugh, then look no further, because these flip flops are perfect! These red, white and blue shoes were supposed to pay homage to the great country of Canada. The color-coordinated sandals look perfect until you take a closer look at the flag. Unfortunately, that is not Canada’s flag, but rather the flag of the United Kingdom.

Billboard Magic Trick

Abra Kadabra, the woman is split in half! The trick of cutting a woman in half is a classic magic trick.

Unfortunately, for this clothing company, their ad was part of one. The crew put the picture up the wrong way and their model was sliced in half.

Maybe the crew members are aspiring magicians, or they just made a silly mistake, that makes you wonder “what were they thinking?!”

Simple job fail.

One Of These Is Not Like The Other

Heinz Ketchup is rated the number one ketchup in the U.S. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the company makes lots of other tasty condiments, such as mustard and relish.

In recent years, the company has released an easy squirt bottle, in which the bottles sit cap down.

This makes the condiment sink towards the cap rather than the bottom of the bottle.

However, maybe the relish packagers, who had the simple job of sticking the label on the bottle, didn’t get that memo.

The label is most certainly placed upside down.

A Fond Farewell

We get it, sometimes cards are just misplaced by customers. However, store workers are normally on top of that to fix any mistakes that leave behind outcomes like this one.

The card description is “Loss of Loved One.” The card placed in that spot certainly gives a fond farewell. However, it might not be the “goodbye” people are looking to send to others in a time of grievance.

Think Outside The Bun

Before Taco Bell adopted their most recent slogan “Live Mas,” their slogan was “Think Outside the Bun.”

Unfortunately, it looks like one of their workers had taken that motto to the extreme and was certainly thinking outside the bun (or taco shell). He or she must have been confused by the fake cardboard, taco holder. At least all the fillings got in one taco, just not the right one. A for effort!

A Hip(po) Shirt

Shopping for clothing for little kids can be so fun! Designers have certainly stepped up their game in recent years, creating children’s clothing even more trendy.

Parents can also now show off their children all over their social media in their hip clothes. Unfortunately, this photo was snapped and posted not for being a pretty hip hippo shirt, but for the designer’s mistake. The shirt says “Happy Hippo,” but the picture is of a rhinoceros.

Coke Or Pepsi?

A heated debate that has happened for ages is which do you prefer Coke or Pepsi?

Many people have strong brand loyalty towards one or the other.

We think those people, plus the actual companies, may have a problem with this sign. It is clearly Coca-Cola that is on the shelves, however, the sign has prices for Pepsi. Could this worker have been trying to start debates in the store?

Window Shopping

Retailers everywhere understand the importance of the front windows of a store.

It is what brings those passing by into your store, which in turn means more money.

Therefore, we can only imagine the disappointment this store owner felt after one of the employees finished painting the shop window.

Clearly, the window was supposed to say “SALE,” but unfortunately, the worker painted “SLAE.”

We think maybe the worker was trying to show both sale and slae, to make people think they could “slay” in the store’s sale clothing…

Only kidding, they had one simple job to do and the blew it.

Mannequin Mishap

There could be so many reasons behind this mannequin mishap. Was it done purposefully as an abstract art piece? Was it to show the tie goes with not only teal but also black and gray? Or, was it someone with a simple job to do being lazy? We think the latter is the most likely reason.

However, one mans laziness is another man’s laugh.

Props to this clothing store worker to help brighten our day.

Toothbrush Or Toothpaste – Same Thing Right?

This is definitely a great example of you had one job. However, who exactly do we blame for the simple job fail in this picture?

Is it the work that put up the sign, the worker that put up the shelving, or the worker that actually put away the products?

I guess we’ll never know the true order of the completion of this display. However, we do know that someone certainly caused a hilarious fail!

I “C” What You Did There

This building once stood at Ball State University in Indiana. Unfortunately, for all, it has been torn down since the picture was taken. There are many stories behind this photo. One story is the left side of the building was built after the right side. The contractor missed his mark when building the new side. Therefore, the “C” had to be added in after construction was completed. Another story is the mistake is a satirical way to show the students of the College of Architecture and Planning what could happen if you are not careful in your designing.

Double Meanings

Clearly, the person who designed this sign did not thoroughly think it through. When creating anything, you must step back and try to see your creation from all aspects. The artist thought the caricature of the “drowning person” showed just that. However, to many, it looks like a “lol” underlined. Therefore, making the sign read “If you see someone drowning, laugh out loud.” That is certainly not what the artist wanted to portray.

This Is Bananas

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a banana as “an elongated usually tapering tropical fruit with soft pulpy flesh enclosed in a soft usually yellow rind”. Therefore, the sign isn’t totally wrong, as it hits on all the major points of a definition of a banana. But WHY?! The word banana must have slipped this sign maker’s mind because that sign is bananas!

No Net No Game

Where do we even start with this picture?! The packing clearly says “Basketball,” and has an obvious picture of a basketball and basketball net. However, the 2 rackets inside, show this is definitely not basketball. The only similarity we see here is the design of the two balls that are similar to a basketball. However, many people, even those who have never played, understand if there is not a net, it clearly is not basketball.

Batman Vs. Superman: Backpack Edition

Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice was a box office hit in 2016. This backpack, on the other hand, is a huge flop! The manufacturer clearly did not pay attention when creating these backpacks. The bag has Superman in the picture, while the writing says, Batman. Luckily, there are little boys and girls out there who like both superheroes and this backpack allows them to choose a bag with both their favorite superheroes rather than just one.

Wrong Type Of Bottle

“Baby, all the best for your baby.” A saying that could not be more true, because your baby does deserve all the best. However, whoever stocked these shelves clearly did not see the sign. Although there are lots of bottles, unfortunately, this is not the type of bottle that should be given the baby. Good thing we think none of the mommies and daddies will get confused.

What The Fork

What the Fork?! This is another classic case of mispackaging. Unfortunately, there is no way to describes this than utter lack of thought. Most people in the world know the difference between a fork and spoon, as they look completely different. But, clearly, this manufacturer didn’t feel like fixing their mistake.  At least the company got the knives correct. One of two isn’t so bad.

Ice Cream Catastrophe

If you hadn’t seen the wrapper of this ice cream cone, one may think there is nothing wrong. Unfortunately, with the wrapper, we are able to see something went horribly wrong at this ice cream factory. The ice cream scoop was supposed to be chocolate coated not the cone. Either the buyer was extremely happy as he or she got to try a “limited edition” cone or very sad as he or she was hoping to have the chocolate covered vanilla ice cream. Either way, we are sure it was very tasty.

Look Into My Eyes

Aww, look at this cute stuffed animal. Oh, My Goodness! What has happened here?! This poor lion, its eyes are all crooked. However, minus all its differences its still an adorable stuffed animal. We hope a little boy or girl was able to look past the difference and take it home to snuggle with it forever.

Botched Booth

If you are looking to have a private phone conversation, we suggest you avoid this phone booth at all costs. Somehow the phone was put on the outside of the booth rather than the inside. Not only that, but the phone is extremely low. We have no explanation for this. Clearly, a real Brit did not make this phone booth, or else the phone would have definitely been put on the inside.

Dorit – Oh No!

Unlike the previous brand mixup, like the Coke and Pepsi, we just do not understand this one.

Surely, filling up a display is a simple job?

How can you mix up Cheetos and Doritos?

Cheetos are a puff cornmeal snack and Doritos are flavored tortilla chips. Any snack connoisseur will tell you that those two snacks are completely different and should never be confused, even if the flavor is similar. We hope no poor snack-craving soul grabbed the Doritos to only return home and realize he or she bought Cheetos instead.

Before & After Gone Wrong

Upon first glance at this picture, confusion most likely sets in.

This company will take your clean shower and add lots of dirt and grime.

Perfect for anyone who likes to live in filth.

We don’t think that’s what this company was trying to portray.

Unfortunately, the before and after pictures were switched buy someone with a simple job to do.

The company most likely had to pay a decent amount of money for this ad, and it looks like it went to waste.

Rule Breaker

Sometimes you just have to be a rebel and break the rules. Whoever had the simple job of stacking these boxes that clearly say “Do Not Stack,” must have been feeling very rebellious.

Unfortunately, boxes that say “do not stack,” say that for a reason. The box most likely contains something fragile. Therefore, although the stacker thought he or she was taking a shortcut, he or she most likely caused a lot of damage.

Chocolate Juice

This plastic bottle is clearly labeled “1% Lowfat Chocolate Milk,” however the contents inside may lead one to believe otherwise. Unless this chocolate milk has been sitting on the shelf for a very, very long time, then something is amiss. Do you think the label was on before the bottle was filled or was the bottle filled before it was labeled? I guess we’ll never know.

DVD Debacle

48 Hrs. is a film created in 1982, about a cop who reluctantly teams up with a criminal to track down a killer. The stars of the film are Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte. Therefore, it’s no surprise the stars are on the cover of the DVD. However, the designer of the cover may need to work on his or her Hollywood stars. Eddie Murphy is on the left and Nick Nolte is on the right.

I Got Into Colege

You graduated from high school and you are on your way to college.

You are given tons of gifts from family and friends, including this glass to celebrate your next step.

Unfortunately, the person who bought it for you is either really sarcastic or didn’t go to college.

It’s no surprise that this glass was on clearance, as the spelling mistake is very obvious to most.

Pool Problems

Having a pool in your backyard is such a wonderful luxury.

There is nothing better than taking a dip on a hot day.

Filling it up must be a simple job, right?

Imagine getting in your swimsuit, walking out the back door and seeing this tragedy.

Somehow all the water ended up everywhere but inside the pool. Sadly, this family must have dealt with lots of water damage, and an empty pool.

Nightwear For Nightmares

Does your child need new nightwear for bed? Well, look no further because these pajamas come with nightmares! The employee who had the simple job of putting this sign up must have forgotten the word “nightwear,” and thought the word was actually supposed to me “nightmare.”

My guess is most parents strayed away from these PJs until the sign was fixed, as most parents don’t want their children getting nightmares.


We understand you can sometimes have “sugar-free sugar,” as there are sugar substitutes. However, the main labeling on this packaging says “pure granulated sugar,” not a sugar substitute. Therefore, how is this bag of pure sugar, sugar-free?! What is this substance actually? This is what leads to trust issues with food companies, deceitful lies like this.

It’s A Party

The placement of this sign definitely leads to some laughs. “Come join the fun!” is a hilarious sign to have in front of a cemetery. Who knows what happens after death? Maybe there’s a party every night with the departed souls. It’s probably a party that people are dying to get into. Obviously, the sign must have been for a different event, but we are really glad someone was able to capture this.

No Soap For You

Whoever had the simple job of loading this soap dispenser obviously does not understand how a soap dispenser works. Liquid soap needs to be put into a dispenser like this one. However, this person took away all option to clean your hands, as the bar of soap is also now locked away in the dispenser. I hope whoever snapped this photo brought hand sanitizer with them.

Plan Ahea…d for a simple job

This sign gives a sound piece of advice for someone doing a simple job: “Think. Do it right the first time! Plan ahea….d.” Well, at least the advice was good until the last part. Hopefully next time the sign creator takes into account his or her advice and will always think and plan ahead. Therefore, no letter will be left behind, and all will be well within the wise sign world.

Stairs To Nowhere

Hopefully, this is not the main entrance to this building, because these stairs are certainly not doing their simple job. Not sure what was going through the contractor’s mind when putting up these stairs. Maybe he or she expected people to make a leap of faith from the door to the stairs. It would certainly bring some excitement to your daily routine.

To Be Or Not To Be?

When Shakespeare’s Hamlet asked “To be or not to be?”, he was questioning whether humans should exist or not. Unfortunately, it looks like this door is having the same existential crisis. It is clearly marked “Enter Only,” and also “Do Not Enter.” But which one is it?! Someone please help us out and tell us if we can enter this door or not.

Would You Like Cheese With That?

Well, this fish sandwich certainly has seen better days. We picture the buyer asking for a plain sandwich with just cheese on top. The customer got what he or she asked for, but possibly not in the way he or she expected. The worker made the whole sandwich plain and definitely put cheese on top. Who knows, maybe the worker thought the sandwich was better that way?

9 Days A Week

The classic saying for being open all the time is “24/7.” However, this store has somehow created 2 more days of the week and coined a new phrase “24/9.” Once again, no explanation for this one. Was there a strange marketing ploy behind this or was it a just a simple job human error? No matter what the explanation it certainly created a great picture and some great laughs.


That’s the funniest looking dog I’ve ever seen. This situation happens a lot. However, it leads to lots of laughs and confusion. If a cat owner was looking for a cat frame, he or she may be drawn to this frame due to the picture. Unfortunately, to his or his dismay, the frame actually says “my dog.” The picture may also sway dog owners from looking at the frame. This frame company better get their act together soon or they may lose lots of money.


Starbucks is one of the largest coffeehouse chains in the world. Therefore, one may think, the company could afford a pretty stellar marketing and design team. Usually, large conglomerates are very thorough in designing branded items, as they do not want to receive any backlash from the public. However, their design team may have had a lap in judgment when creating the delivery vans. As the driver opened the door, the word “Starbucks” is transformed into ”sucks.”

Continent Confusion

Most children around the world learn about the basic geography of the world by the first few years of schooling. Unfortunately, this t-shirt designer forgot what certain continents looked like. The shirt has a picture of Africa but the writing on the bottom says, Asia. Maybe there is some artistic creativity here that we are just not getting.

Ironic Misfortune

Getting a fortune cookie after a meal is not only tasty but also exciting. Cracking open the cookie and then reading your fortune is always so fun. However, this cookie’s fortune was ruined,  and in the most ironic way. The fortune reads “The job is well done.” Actually, the job was not well done, because somehow the fortune ended up on the outside of the cookie.



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