Police Warn Parents To Check For Drugs Disguised A Kids’ Halloween Candy


As we get closer and closer to Halloween many are once again warning the masses about the potential for drugs to be given away as Halloween candy. While this isn’t something that we can say really happens it is something that sparks fear each and every year.

With the world of edibles really coming full circle and some of them looking similar to candies and other things that may be given out during the night of Trick R Treating, being aware is a good idea just in case some kind of mistake is made and by chance THC infused sweets are handed out by accident. This year’s warnings begin by a Facebook post made from the Johnstown Police Department. 

Evidently, the department discovered edibles packaged and appearing to be ‘Nerds Rope’ that contained 400 MG or THC (as listed on the packaging). This found while fulfilling a search warrant within the area. That being said, there was no sign of intent regarding handing these edibles out for those coming door-to-door for candy at the end of the month. This warning comes more-so in reference to the likeness the product shares with the actual candy. If somehow one were to get in a Trick R Treaters bucket, and they were excited to munch down, they probably wouldn’t notice that it wasn’t exactly candy. 

This specific department and others throughout the years have urged parents to check their children’s candy before allowing them to eat it for things like this as well as tampering of any kind. While it isn’t common for people to put razor blades in suckers, or sneak pills in with dots, tampering is something we all need to keep an eye out for just to be on the safe side overall. 


All of this online controversy, in general, sparked the birth of a very interesting article within the Rolling Stone that is titled ‘Are THC Edibles Being Given Out as Halloween Candy? What Do You Think?’ and if you haven’t read it, you should click here to do-so. It really highlights a lot of points that people overlook in regards. Edibles and drugs, in general, are not free and people aren’t going to just waste their money and time giving them out to unsuspecting children. 

Sure, it could happen but how many actual reports from reliable sources have you found in regards? Halloween is a very fun time of year, and we shouldn’t be ruining it by stressing over things like this. What do you think about all of this?



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