40 New Scientific Papers Claim Global Warming Does Not Exist

Is global warming really a scam?


Numerous researchers associated with 40 current clinical papers say the scare about global warming is based on hysteria and incorrect science.

Over 40 scientific papers on the global warming hoax have actually been published in just the very first three months of 2018.

Exactly what their charts on global warming reveal is that “absolutely nothing climatically unusual is happening.”

In the chart below from a study by Polovodova et al, we see that 20th-century global warming is entirely typical in a long-lasting historical context.

It was no warmer, indeed, just slightly more relaxed than either the Roman Warm Period or the Medieval Warming Period.

Exactly what we also learn from the papers is that these warming durations were worldwide, not, as alarmists like to declare to support their scaremongering thesis, regional:


Many strident global warming scientists prefer to dismiss the significance of Europe’s temperature level record, claiming that it is local and does not tell us precisely what is indeed occurring internationally.

However, other documents oppose this.

For instance, a paper by Wündsch et al., 2018 shows us that the warming today in South Africa also is nothing uncommon.

It’s worldwide

Temperature reconstructions show the exact same is true in Southeast Australia, according to McGowan et al., 2018, Northern Alaska (Hanna et al., 2018), the Tibetan Plateau (Li et al., 2018), South Korea (Song et al., 2018), Antarctica (Mikis, 2018), to point out simply a couple of among lots of others.

In further problem for environment alarmists, it seems that 2 of their favorite bellwethers of global warming doom.

Greenland and the South Pole, are cooling not warming.

Here’s Greenland, from a study by Mikkelsen et al.

This puts Greenland’s recent warm spell in its historical context: over 150 years it wasn’t uncommon. Temperatures now are cooler than they remained in the 1930s.

A separate research study confirms that Greenland is on a cooling trend

Moreover, much to the surprise of global warming scientists, Greenland temperature levels have once again been falling since 2000.

Westergaard-Nielsen et al., 2018 took a look at the most current and comprehensive patterns based upon MODIS (2001– 2015) and concluded that if there is any general pattern for Greenland, it is “mostly cooling”.

As is the South Pole:

At the other end of the planet at the South Pole, brand-new findings by Cerrone and Fusco, 2018 validate the big increase in the southern hemisphere sea ice and recommend it “arises from the impact of environment modes and their long-term patterns”.

They write that the results indicate a progressive cooling has actually affected the year-to-year climate of the sub-Antarctic because the 1990s and that the SIC [sea ice concentration] shows upward yearly, spring, and summer season patterns.

Global warming? What global warming??



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