After Suffering Severe Headaches, Doctors Make Stomach-Churning Discovery

Headaches are debilitating.

When one suffers from chronic headaches it can interfere with daily tasks and really lower your comfort of life.

One mother began suffering from these types of headaches.

After nine months of pain, she visited the doctor.

The doctors did their testing and made a stomach-turning diagnosis.

Let’s take a look at her story…

A Loving Mother

Yadira Rostro lives in Garland, Texas with her son.

The busy mom worked her schedule, on top of taking care of her son.

Unfortunately, one day she began suffering from severe headaches.

She told an ABC affiliate WFAA, “Sometimes my sight was impaired… I could not see properly.”

After 9 months of suffering, she knew it was time to get help.

Doctors Visit After Severe Headaches

She could no longer deal with her headaches.

Therefore, she contacted specialists at Methodist Dallas Medical Center.

Doctors had their theories and many believed a CT scan would reveal a tumor.

Once her scans came back, there was indeed an abnormality.

However, it was not a benign tumor or cancer like the doctors expected.

Doctors could see there was something blocking the spinal fluid from entering her brain.

Another Scan Leads To Diagnosis

Doctors knew more tests had to be done.

Therefore, they conducted a more refined MRI scan.

The scan revealed the truth.

She was diagnosed with a condition called neurocysticercosis.

The mother had ingested tapeworm eggs.

The eggs had made their eggs into her bloodstream.

These tapeworms eggs had now taken up residence at the base of her brain.

The doctors needed to act quickly.


Rostro was quickly taken into surgery.

Her head neurosurgeon, Dr. Richard Meyrat, told the Houston Chronicle, “We did an incision at the base of the skull removing part of her skull, splitting the cerebellum and right then could see the sacs at the base of the brain stem.”

Meyrat was able to remove the larval sacs with the aid of microscopes.

He told WFAA “They looked a little bit like eggs, and they have a clear sac, and inside it, a small tapeworm.”


The medical staff had filmed the whole procedure, however, the Texas mom chose not to watch it.

“I think she’s just happy to be alive,” Meyrat said to MFAA.

“Her headaches are gone, and she’s feeling better…I’m glad we got her in time and could save her life.”

Rosto and the doctors believe she had picked up the parasite, two years prior, during a trip she took to Mexico.


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