Spiritual Consequences of Meaningless Sex With Strangers

Be aware of the spiritual consequences of casual sex...


Why is sexual loyalty tough and does meaningless sexual encounters with strangers hold huge spiritual consequences? 

Spiritual awakening can increase sexual suffering as result of suffering the spiritual consequences of meaningless sex. 

However, consciousness might also provide the healing.

When your spiritual energy awakens, the promiscuous drive can become disastrously immediate, as energy floods the body and brain, thus opening you up to spiritual consequences.


There’s a threat of addictive nymphomania and sexual dependency (see Peggy Payne’s novel, Cobalt Blue.) People end up trapped by “sex in the head.”

The brain chakra opens, without manas, the troubled mind, being absorbed into a more profound awareness.

One of the major spiritual consequences is that the heart chakra gets forgotten.

The throat chakra is bypassed.

Awareness is sidetracked into the Pingala Nadi, the fiery channel of external turning energy.

We behave compulsively, thinking that serial sex with casual partners will bring us closer to the truth than monogamy can ever do.

When mindful energy floods the brain during sexual intercourse, a neural valve, which generally opens and closes, managing consciousness, ends up being stuck and stays held, outdoors position.

There’s a massive increase in stimulated awareness.

It’s the shutting of this valve, a neural recoil, which, under typical situations, starts an orgasm.

Energy, when it rises the main channel (Sushumna), suspends orgasm. The result of the relationship, when this takes place equally, is extreme.

“It is the movement between the negative and positive poles that creates electricity. It is the attraction between the male and the female that creates new life. The dynamics of the universe are dialectical, apparently in a conflict, but occurring within a larger context of unity and wholeness. This is the understanding of the Tantra vision.” ~Margot Anand

We enter a state of being that is more real than the physical body alone. Our bodies, mine and his, are experienced as precisely what they indeed are; the solid extrusion of cosmic forces, the solid precipitates of a much broader consciousness that is more touchable than skin, and more forceful than the whipping of the heart.

There is a combination of subtle bodies at the base of the spine.

When this takes place, the problem of indiscrimination is resolved by being left in the air.

It’s not that there is a need to remain loyal.

There isn’t really. It’s not that we choose to act morally.

Sex subdues morality.

It’s not even a matter of our choice for our partner’s personality and beauty.

There are a million other lovely characters and lovely faces.

It’s not a concern of losing our partner if we cheat.

It’s just that this fusion of the subtle bodies is more real than our everyday state of agitated serial experiences.

This influx of stimulated awareness is a reality.

There’s a set of mantras in the Tantric teaching: So’ham.

(“I am He.”) And Sa’ham. (“I am She.”) “He”, suggesting Siva, the original stillness.

And “She”, indicating Shakti, the Creative Force that responds to Stillness.

When, in the act of love, mindfulness takes us into these states, our loved one casts no shadow.

There is nobody else.



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