Spiritual Intimacy: A Completely Different Kind Of Love


When we think of intercourse we don’t necessarily always think of it as a spiritual process but, it is. Being physically intimate with someone is a big deal and can either benefit us spiritually or tear us down.

Physical intimacy is something that literally connects us with another human being. While physical intimacy doesn’t always mean intercourse it is for the most part often always addressed as such. That being said, physical intimacy comes in many forms and could mean anything from a deep hug to merely cuddling up with someone. It is what you make of it but there is no denying the energies that stem from true physical contact.

When we have intercourse with someone we truly care for we are able to bring forth positive energy like nothing else. This energy moves in different directions and is able to power us towards channeling another higher form of energy in itself. Through this, we are able to increase all that is our life force in its rawest form.

If you have ever looked into the kundalini itself you know all about this. If we engage in physically intimate acts with those who are overly negative or who have bad intentions towards us they will drain us, and we will begin to feel their negative influence as we move forward. Creating the right kind of environment with the right kind of person will seriously bring you to a higher form and allow you to align more properly with your truest self.


LonerWolf actually describes several kinds of unions that can be made in this regard. Two of those being the alert union and the conscious union. The alert union is all about the feelings brought forth. For instance, the vulnerability and pleasure that entail. However, this union is one that can become more as time passes.

The conscious union, on the other hand, is a much more mindful experience. Rather than moving forth in a primal manner, this union brings us to a balanced outlook on things. It is when we actually look one another in the eyes and work to deepen the connection we’re making. Chances are you’ve read about this before broken down as tantric love.

You can make your physical experiences into whatever you want them to be but at the end of the day, you need to understand that we are very energetic beings, and we are influenced by everything around us. Allowing someone else so close to our own personal energy source is a big step and should be approached with caution. To learn more about physical intimacy and how spiritual it can be please feel free to check out the video below.



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